English Class Quandry

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My English class in school has started a poetry unit, which is nice because I like poetry. The main assignment though, is to write a poem pertaining to our "heritage, family, ethnicity, or cultural veiwpoint." The stongest cultural ties I have though are to people like all of you and I don't know if that's a proper writing topic for english class, despite the fact that my English teacher is a feminist, has a history of sympathy towards the queer students at my school, and seems to like me. I'm not sure what else I would write about, because by heritage, although interesting enough, is pretty watered-down. My German quarter, from my grandfather, doesn't speak German anymore and the Irish peice of my heritage has been lost somewhere in the giagantic
trailer-trash/uber-Catholic side of my dad's family.
Anyway, so I'm in a quandry; do I subtly write about the gay part of me and risk
a) boring my audience because they can't relate and...
b) possibly outing myself to people I don't intend to out myself to?
Or should I write about something else?

What do you guys think?


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I say write about it, if you

I say write about it, if you think you can pull it off :D
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I wrote a paper on gay rights and did a speech and i didn't catch any flack for it. So I would do it.

Good luck!

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i'm doing poetry right now,

i'm doing poetry right now, too.
and literally writing a poem about my sexuality right this moment.
i'm not coming out and saying "btw i like girls" or anything in the poem,
but i'm giving a bunch of clues to it. it's fun, but i'm kind of afraid of what happens if my parents see it.