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I have complteted two of my four final year exams this week. The pressure has really been on, and the last week is honestly a blur of trying to stuff as much knowledge as I could into my mind. I now have a nine day gap until I need to complete the second two. Then that is it. I am finished, and hopefully a Bsc of Computing.

The last while I have started to come down from the stress that I have been under for the last two years of college, I didn't even get a break in summer due to extra projects. It is strange because now that it is coming to the end that I have longed for, and am glad is almost here-I don't know what to do. I feel a little lonely, and lost and scared. But at the same time I want to embrace this new chapter of my life and see where it can take me. I just don't feel myself though. I need to find my grounding, my feet, myself.