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"I wandered, lonely as a cloud"
on a windy day
in Autumn.

I'd lost my Love
and so Love lost
me. And i swore never to Love again.

It became the winter of my life
towards the cold bitter end.
Death's grip tightened on my soul
because i did not fight.
I did not fear.
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Without Love, no fear exist in me.

Then you appeared in my life
turning Winter into a
Summer's Dawn
You, my angel, said "Come live with me and be my Love."

But I, so tired, whispered
"I have nothing to offer, ut blood,
and sweat."
Love to me is Lost.

is what you called it,
My pity and sorrow.
"Tis better to have Loved and Lost than to
Never have Loved
at all."

I stood on that broken soul
and rose
from that grave I'd dug.
I screamed aloud:
be not proud, though some have called thee mighty
and Dreadful
for thou art not so..."

So I learned to Love you
my Angel of Eternity.
I found Love and
Love found me.

Thanks for Finding Me.


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Very Touching...

I loved this poem! I find it very touching, and your angel is lucky to have someone so creative in his arms.

If only the rest of us had a guy/girl like that.

" if everything is where i thought it was, nothing would be where it is."