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My rival has "gay hands". You know how they say that if you're a girl and your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you have a higher chance of being gay? Her hands are like that. I don't actually believe the theory is always true, as I'm gay and my index finger is significantly longer on both hands, but I thought it would be fun to mess with her about it, since she's a HUGE homophobe.

Me: Oh, my god, you have gay hands!
Her: What the hell?
Me: Don't you know? Your index finger is a lot shorter than your ring finger, which, according to some theories, is mostly a lesbian trait.
Her: Nuh-uh!
Me: Don't worry, I don't actually believe it. There are definitely exceptions.
Her: Let me see your hands.
Me: Fine.
Me: I'm afraid I have it correct. But like I said, there are totally exceptions.

A bunch of people heard us, so some of the girls started comparing their fingers. They were all straight, and their fingers generally tended to be of equal length, and nobody at all had fingers like mine. Hmm. Maybe my hands are deformed or something.

Anyway, French class was, um, interesting today. French Class Girl was being extremely... well, herself. She slapped this other chick's butt, got hers slapped by Irritating Girl, then sat in Irritating Girl's lap. Then the French teacher totally destroyed her life by making her move seats so that her hair-touching adventures with Irritating Girl would stop. She was SOOO pissed.

Also, I noticed how extremely tall French Class Girl is today. I mean, I knew she was tall, but I didn't know she was THAT tall. She's probably a good 5 or 6 inches taller than I am. I felt so runty and insignificant while walking next to her. Haha, that was kind random. Sorry.

I just got back from dinner at this little seafood place with my grandparents and sister. Shit, that kid is so horribly behaved. She raised her voice at our waitress because she thought she wasn't going to be getting her greasy fried food fix. (My sister apparently doesn't know that "fried" and "crispy" are the same.) Then, she thought it was okay to touch the food on the salad bar. Oh, and when I ordered grilled fish instead of fried, she told the waitress, "YEAH, SHE'S ON A DIET BECAUSE THINKS SHE'S HUGE!" What the hell? Where is this child's tact?

It wasn't all bad, though. There was this other waitress, and damn, was she cute! She had really pretty hair; it was like, kind of a lightish brown/darkish blonde and long and really shiny! And the way her jeans fit her was SO AMAZING.

But... I just realized tomorrow is May. Fuck. I do not like May. Well, getting out of school is good, but I don't like all the things I personally associate with this month. Expect a post about it sometime in the next couple of weeks.


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*smacks your sister* I don't

*smacks your sister*

I don't classify my hands as gay by what the finger lengths are, I go by what they've done ;D

I barely have gay hands. In both accounts.

You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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And...as for "that"...

...should our imagination roam totally free?

How could we live without the capacity to imagine? It allows us to experience all of those what ifs! :)

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Don't worry, my hands

Don't worry, my hands haven't had a chance to prove their rampant homosexuality yet either. :'(

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Sounds like a problem we

Sounds like a problem we could help each other out with.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Haha, too bad we live almost

Haha, too bad we live almost all the way across the country from each other!

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I forgot about that XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I have very straight hands.

I have very straight hands. My index finger is very obviously shorter than my ring finger and I'm a dude. I think it has something to do with testosterone levels in the womb. I'm not straight though. I'm not gay either really but I'm not straight.

You seem to not like May, so I hope this one goes extra-super-fantabulous for you. :)

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I've heard it has to do with

I've heard it has to do with testosterone levels. I haven't really looked up much about it, though.

I hope it does too. D: Thanks!