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I have to go out tomorrow night, but I have absolutly no desire to be there. It is a friends birthday, though, when I say friend he is far more of an aquaintance. I would make my apologies and not go, but another friend has arranged the celebration as a suprise and needs a certain number of people in every location in order to pull the night off the way he has arranged. So I think I would be letting him down, more than anything. It is going to be a night involving my ex girlfriend, which I really wouldn't mind that much, but her ex and her inner circle goons will also be there. I really dislike being around those people because I find them to be two faced and patronising, and I also feel paranoid because I know they all know what happened between myself and Michelle. It's one night, I guess I'll grin and bare it for an hour or two and then slip off.

I have been seeing a new girl though. She is a little bit older than me, and seems kind of mature but also fun. I have been concerned she is going out tomorrow night to where we will all be, as it is a gaybar she frequents most Saturday nights. I am concerned because I don't want any awkwardness between her and my ex girlfriend. Even though she dumped me under very unpleasant circuimstances,I still worry about being the asshole in all this by parading a new girlfriend around.

In other news I could probably write loads more, but I am tired and sat my final exam today so should probably sleep now.


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I would advise you to skip

I would advise you to skip the party, but I am delightfully antisocial, so that may not be the best. Going to help your other friend is nice of you and staying for the minimum amount of time is a good idea. Good luck with the new girl. I hope she can introduce you to a new ring of people to hang out with so you don't always have to worry about stuff with the ex.

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I decided not to go, called the new girl and told her of the situation, and she convinced me to come out. It turned out to be a good night, against all the odds, and made me realize I am absolutely completely over the ex! It's a great feeling. The new girl has also been introducing me to a whole new circle of people so its all actually good =]

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Go! You will surely be the center of attraction :)

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haha totally nakey ;) p.s

haha totally nakey ;)

p.s I'm kidding...

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt