Good weekend

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Last weekend my sister brought her two kids over. On Saturday night we watched Paranormal Activity. It was okay. Not really worth the hype and thankfully I was already ready to be dissapointed. At least a couple parts were kinda creepy and good. Still, I prefer The Blair Witch Project.

After that my youngest nephew wanted to watch something happy to take his mind off the creepy stuff so he wouldn't have nightmares. So, we came up to my room and watched Drop Dead Fred and Little Monsters. Hah. It was really nice to spend some real *quality* time with him. Our family has been screwed up the past few years (long story) and so I didn't get to see him all that much except for around the holidays.

It was really funny to watch his reaction to everything Drop Dead Fred did and then where they "prank" the bully in Little Monsters. I enjoyed every moment of it. We ended up staying up till 2:30am watching the movies.

Thennnn...the next morning, and by that I mean 12:30 pm, I got up and went down stairs and we watched BOTH movies all over again.

I hope my sister continues to make an effort to bring them over more. Cause I missed out on a lot of that stuff before. I know it means a lot to my parents too.


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cute! there are some family moments like that i have never had and i think what if they had and it makes me feel different. Love,Alisa =D

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It was pretty great. I enjoy this stuff cause it doesn't happen very often.

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