Guys Are Yummy

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Hiya everyone! I'm new here and I didn't really know what to write for my first entry, so here's a poem I wrote for a poetry jam at my school. I hope you guys like it!!!

Guys Are Yummy:

When people look over here, I wonder what they see
because their complimenting isn’t quite all is cracked up to be.
You see, their eyes can’t see past the
(6π ± 2i√5)/cosΦ (six pi plus-minus two i radical five over cosine phi)
that makes me feel like suicide. No!
When I get recognized I want them to see me,
all two hundred and thrity pounds, five and two-thirds feet
I want them to see the seven colors of my eyes
that glow in the after rain shine in the sky.
Oh my, baby I’m trying.
I want them to see the one who’s kissed a boy and he liked it,
the taste of his juicy, smooth lips.
Now, I can see some of you looking at me thinking, “Oh, hell no!”
The people who spit out the words “faggot” and “homo”
to someone who gives you the time of day to actually say “Hello.”
You see, we’re not so different, you and I.
You boys like girls. You girls like guys.
And, guess what ladies so do I.
We’re just lovers in different ways.
That is why I am proud to say
that I am…


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hi :D

welcome to oasis :D glad to see a new person around :)

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DAMN baby boi this hot

Lady Okama this b hot! way better than my entrance message into this oasis! god i love you!!! haha i'm so glad we found this place!!! grrr!!! -] haha love ya!

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Ho shit

That was damn good.

I'm Shelby. Hiya! Welcome to Oasis, dear :3
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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was awesome! And welcome to oasis, LadyOkama. I happen to think the ladies are yummy, but it's okay that you think guys are :P

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At least, that's how I assume how you'd end the poem. Dear god, sometimes I am frightened by my own brilliance.

Also, welcome to oasis.

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Howdy there

Yeah, guys are yummy, aren't they?
Welcome :)

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Concise summation and extremely evocative. I like it...

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cool beans. LOVED IT!! Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK, Alisa =D

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Hey hey

Nice rhyme scheme! Oh, and nice to meet you too!