Had Argument wit mother.... GREAT

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mother and i had a fight! an argument... she's mad that i'm too relaxed wit the whole college preperation shit.. she thinks i'm wasting my time and that if i dont wake up i'm going to F*#k up my life! i hate this... she actually told it to my face that she rifles throu my stuff!! WTF! i hate this.... wat did i all of a sudden do that i'm now a prisoner in my own home... she's taken away privillages, threaten telling daddy, and now... she threatens to pull me out of a trip i gave up graduation for!!! sometimes i feel lik jus running away.... god....


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That is so harsh. Well, if she does so happen to cancel that trip you will be going on, at least you'll be able to attend your graduation. I'm having trouble, too, with my Mom. She tells me to apply for this and that without attempting to help me. Try asking your mom to help you rather than argue with you. If she really wants you to go to college then she would be willing to help you.


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yeah parents can really suck

parents can really suck but they should be reasonable too
Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK, Alisa =D