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And I'm not normally one for caps, so...

Weekend from hell, in any case. Friday wasn't bad, I got to hang out with a friend I haven't seen in agesss.

But I had to wake up at 7:45 on friday to get to my karate test at 9 for which I didn't get to stretch and was just sitting there for 3/4s of the time while the rest was intense workout and it went until 5:30. Yes, you saw that right... 9-5:30.

It was hot and sweaty and gross and one of the most tiring things I've ever done. I just wanted to get home afterwards, and take a shower, and watch tv. Of course, the power went out before we could actually get home... so much for that shower. And that tv.

I took a half hour nap, but that wasn't nearly enough... went to my mum's to get my homework stuff, came back, ate pizza... my friend called just in time for us to go over there and catch doctor who. I was honestly on the verge of breaing something.. I wish it was possible to describe just how awful those stupid karate tests are. Just imagine the worst thing you could ever do in your life.... then multiply the badness by ten. :P

Anywho, watched doctor who, came home, went straight to sleep cuz I was tired as hellllllll. Woke up at 7 to go to snorkel sessions, which kinda suck cuz you're supposed to have a partner but there are an odd number of people and none of the people there are my good friend... I have a few friends, but they all have better friends. So I'm the odd one out... joyy. :P

Yeah... got back at like 10. Was exhausted as hell... and tired... and cold and wet and... yeahhhh.

Went to my mums to make her mother's day brunch. didn't get to relax cuz my sister was too busy yelling at me and laughing at my weird cooking habits... which really annoys me, btw. Sorry that I take the peel off the banana after I've cut it... maybe it's weird bt it's not impractical. :P

Got back to my dad's, worked on a mosaic from 1-6... I took a few breaks, yeah, but still. My sister laughed at me some more. Really didn't need it. Even more exhausted than before.

Finished, thought I could finally take a shower (I -still- hadn't gotten that goddamned shower. ><). sister was in the shower... realized I still had 5 200 word essays to do. did two of those, took a shower, finished them... it was 7. Got an hour of sleep... not enough. Ate dinner. No wI'm here and still have a little bit of homework to do.. at 8:40.

I just want to relaxxxx. as;kdgjpaiusdghjilauslkhtdf. Flip.

At least my appointment's the day after tomorrow... and my friend's is tomorrow. I think I'm more excited for him than I am for me, which is reallyreallyreally saying something. xDDDD

But he needs it more...


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lo siento, that sucks. bad weekends are even worse than bad days cuz the weekend's s'posed to be time to recover from the week.
i hate being the odd one out! i'm in the exact same situation in physics. i do have friends in that class, but they already have lab partners. XP
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They really are though... I

They really are though... I hate it when I have bad weekends cuz the weekdays are bad enough.. I don't need the suckishness to continue into days that are supposed to be my time to relax and have some fun. :P
Yeahh... it's no fun. I really don't have a lot of friends in my classes... luckily, the only one where it matters is science, and that's pretty much the one class that I do have friends in... so it works out. The past few years have sucked, though, cuz science was the one class I -didn't- have friends in... xD

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