Hugh... It was ENDLESS

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I have seen more of the pool in the Fidalgo Fitness Center in good old Anacortes, Washington, this weekend than I need to see in a LIFETIME.
The meet never ended. Wow.

I mean, I'm used to long, long meets, but this just grated on me. On Friday, we stayed from about 3-9 PM. Yesterday, it was 12:30-7 PM. Same thing today.
It was a bonanza of swimming.
I dropped a lot of time, on most everything I did, but everything was so long.
Usually, we swim in yards, and this was a meters pool. A yard or two longer.
And, the swims they had was 200 after 200 after 200, with maybe a 400 free or 400 IM or 800 freakin free thrown in for good measure.
And then they ran out of concessions. There was hardly anyone there on Friday, so I was able to get a muffin, my meet superfood, but all the little kids ate them in the morning on Saturday, so I didn't get another one. The 11 and unders swam 7:30-12:30, and they ate all my muffins!

Well, anyway, my stress levels from Friday have declined fairly sharply. I'm still tired, but hey, I just had a meet, and I can deal with tired.
And, I'm pretty freakin excited. I got really close to champs on a lot of swims.
I think I can get champs on the 50 free, 100 free, 200 free, 100 back, 200 back, 100 fly, 200 IM, and maybe 200 fly. If I can get all of those, that's 8. A lot. While most people on the team struggle to get one, I'll have so many I'll have to choose what ones to do during the meet (you can only do 6.)
I'm excited right now. I can't try to put out my feelings here.


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i think you got it man...sounds like you are really close to the 50 free for sure. good luck chad

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