I got another hat

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It's an orange plaid fedora. Fun stuff.

Skunk is pretty cool. I can still actually talk to him. I asked him where we stand, and he asked me whatI want, but said he's not good at real relationships.

I told himt he truth: I'm wayy too tired to know what I want.

Whyssat? Cuz I was hanging out with all of my group friends all day todya. It was hella fun, but hella tiring. Majorrrrrr sugar crash...

I've been getting more aggravated about my hormones situation again. I might end up going to boston after all.. that' -really- where I started. This is some crazy reverse cycle. Before you know it people are gonna decide that I'm really not a guy and I'm gonna have to come out all over again. *sigh*

In case that didn't make sense, my thoughts on the whole transitioning thing have been something like this:

Not out yet
Need to go to boston for hormones, soon?
Wait until 16 for hormones, not boston
Really soon, not boston
Wait until 16 for hormones, wayy past even thinking about boston
Need to go to boston if before 16

Yupppp.. full circle. Awesome. oO

What else... I shouldn't be up now? Yeah, pretty much...