I have a paper cut. :(

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People need to leave my friend alone. A bunch of people are bothering her over the internet and telling her no one likes her, she has no friends, etc. A bunch of shit, really, because we know that she has a Super Duck. Do they have a Super Duck? No? Then they should shut up.

Why is everyone being so crappy about her lately? I know she's not a bitch or a slut or deceptive or anything like that. She's sweet. I've known her since the eighth grade, and she hasn't ever been anything but amazing. My contact with her is very limited now, but I saw her about a month ago, and she was her same, usual self. So what the fuck...?

Oh, she said recently that she could be with a girl. I wonder if I could be that girl. That would be really amazing. It would also be really amazing if she'd hurry up and get a new phone so I could talk to her. She hates facebook chat. I want her back in my life.

The weather has been really bad lately. Most of it is north of me, though. Parts of Tennessee are totally underwater. It rained a bunch today. My cat gets so weird when it rains. I think it scares him. Poor kitty-man. Holy shit, it just started pouring! Wow...

I went shopping with my mom today. It's always so stressful to go shopping with her. She is under the insane delusion that I am not fat, and she picks out clothes for me to try on that seem to really accentuate that. I got two things, though. She was being so adamant, though, that I went into this hugely negative rant about the way I see myself... stopping only when I almost accidentally bumped into this REALLY hot senior at my school D: So embarrassing.

Then, we had to buy some groceries, and there were these three little children, all under about five years old, who would not shut the fuck up and stop running down the frozen food aisle. And their mother did NOTHING! Why? Just... why!?

I have to write about my weekend for French class. I never do anything on the weekends. Ugh, I need to make some shit up. Should I say I turned into a strange hybrid of Superman and Mickey Mouse and saved the planet Jupiter, then went out for pizza? God, that teacher assigns wayyyy too much shit.


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you could translate this entry into french?

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Well, I'd have to edit it a

Well, I'd have to edit it a lot. :p I don't think the teacher wants to know that I think she "assigns wayyyy too much shit" or that I like some girl or that I think I'm the fattest person ever.

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I'm sorry to hear about your

I'm sorry to hear about your friend =/ Its pretty shitty the way people are sometimes. It'll be good for you and her to start talking again and build a friendship (or relationship =P )

I hate homework. In my spanish class we had to tutor kids once a week AND write a journal in spanish, at least one page.. every. damn. week. Plus all of the other homework she assigned. Maybe it is just a foreign language thing =P

My mom and I just don't go shopping together anymore. It never turns out well. Ever. She wants all this girly fitted stuff, and I want the clothes that she refers to as "Those lesbo clothes" lol.

Aaaand. I love the rain and wish it was pouring here.

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:( I know. I can't wait for

:( I know. I can't wait for her to get another phone. I miss her.

I think it's probably a foreign language thing. I've heard that the Spanish class at my school has even crazier amounts of homework. But the thing I don't like is that my French teacher also teaches me (and half of the French class) another subject, and she piles on the homework there too. What does she expect me to do?!

I don't have an issue with the style of clothes my mom picks out for me to try on. I like my shirts fitted/colorful/feminine/whatever, and usually in every season that's not summer, I wear jeans. My problem is when we go to pick out summer clothes! We always argue over whether or not I can wear those short shorts that take up 90% of the teenage girls' department. For some unfathomable reason, she thinks I can, but I know for a fact I can't because I store most of my fat in my lower body, like thighs and hips and stuff. When I tell her this, she gets mad because I'm "being negative" and then it just all turns into an argument...

I love rain too, but not when it prevents me from going for a walk. :(

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I know. Who would be mean to

I know. Who would be mean to her? D:

AH SHOPPING WITH MUDDERS is terrifying. At least your mom doesn't buy you shirts and stuff that are three years older than you size-wise. Half of my wardrobe I can't even wear yet D:

And good luck with French; personally it's my favorite language~
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Crazy people (like

Crazy people (like Irritating Girl) would. D:

My mom has the opposite problem. Usually if she buys me something while I'm not with her to try it on, it's too small.

I think I'm going to make up about half of my paragraph. I have such a boring life! :(