I really, really, REALLY hate school. And I mean really.

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Warning: Really fucking long rant lies ahead.

My geometry teacher really pissed me off today. She didn't insult anyone or do anything directly to me, but she still made me see red. Someone asked her why they're making the school day longer next year. She said that having shorter school days makes the school "look bad" and that some people don't do their homework, which she apparently thinks would magically change if they were forced to sit and do nothing at school for an extra hour. (Nope. Just look at the middle school. They have longer school days than us, and I guarantee you 80% of those kids don't do their homework.) Then she said, "Well, basically, teenagers don't need free time. They should be in school all the time and not out and about."

I sure do wonder what she was like when she was in high school.

None of her points make any sense. In fact, some bring out a deep rage in me that doesn't even have anything to do with the length of the school day.

1. The school looks bad because they will admit any dumbass with enough money. (It's a private school, which I absolutely fucking HATEEEEksdfkj, but that's another rant for another time.) It doesn't have a thing to do with school ending at 2:00. Rednecks with money are a scary, scary thing, and rarely do they ever give their children proper home training. Well, that's what it's like around here, anyway. The school looks bad because the school IS bad. It had a horrible reputation long, long before it ever decided to end at 2:00. Everybody in town knows the school is a money-hungry joke.

You wanna know just how much they like money? Well, they drug test the students. I think I've mentioned that before. They drug test us, and if we test positive, we're supposed to be expelled. This year, more than a few people tested positive for various drugs. No one was kicked out. Why? Because they'd lose some of their precious, precious money. Money makes them bend their own rules.

Due to a shortage of teachers, it hires anyone and everyone willing to do the job, which results in miserable, incompetent bitches who are awful at teaching and students who are failing due to the bad teaching. There are a few good teachers, but most of them are mediocre at best. If the teacher has been around for a while, the school will never, ever fire them, no matter how many people have complained about them. A perfect example is the geometry teacher herself. One of my older friends almost failed her class, passing only because of an extra credit assignment. So did her sister. My older friend is in college now and is perfectly fine at math... now that she's away from her. Her mom tried both times to get something done about the teacher, but her concerns were ignored.

If the school truly cared about its image, it wouldn't accept students who were disruptive, immature, and completely and totally stupid, and if even it did decide to, it wouldn't put those students in the motherfucking Honors courses! ARGH! If you act like an runaway ape on ecstasy, you probably don't belong in an Honors classroom, even if you have a 95 average. It also would only hire teachers who knew what they were doing at all times.

2. For three years, I had those class periods where you sat and did nothing. No one ever did their homework because the loud, disruptive kids were being, well, loud and disruptive, which means that no one else can concentrate. Also, the teachers who sat there with you were generally Nazi-like in their rules, which meant absolutely NO going to the bathroom or getting a textbook you forgot. Ever. Or you'd get your head snapped off.

3. Why should we be in school an extra hour if we aren't doing anything? What is the purpose? How is this productive? And what's WRONG with free time? How would she feel if someone decided that geometry teachers didn't need any free time? Basically, all this boils down to is her hatred and/or fear of teenagers. (Why on Earth did she decide to teach high school?!) She's probably one of those weird older people who think everyone who is young is a violent criminal addicted to drugs and sex. Hi, I'm Super Duck. I'm 15 years old, and I don't mug little old ladies! In fact, I find violence to be disgusting on every level! But, like I said, I'm 15, so I am obviously a horrible, horrible excuse for a human who needs to be locked away from society lest I fuck up everything in my path.

I could go on for hours. I could point out every single flaw, every instance of hypocrisy, and every injustice I have suffered there. There is honestly not a single place on Earth I hate more than that very school. I wish I could undo all the damage it has done to me. The day I leave it behind forever will be the happiest day of my life. I don't even think I can stomach 3 more years of this complete and utter bullshit.


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Could you enroll in the

Could you enroll in the town's public school?
I've been in the public school system my whole life, and it hasn't ever sounded as bad as what you've described... minus history classes..

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Nope. My mom won't even

Nope. My mom won't even consider it. A lot of the public schools around here are very dangerous, so she's afraid I'll get raped or something.

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ah, I've always lived in

ah, I've always lived in relatively rural and suburban areas and forgot about dangerous public schools
... sooo I guess that idea's out..
Hopefully the kids mature some over the summer..
Teachers never change :/ it's sad
3 years can go by fairly fast though

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Actually, I am in a pretty

Actually, I am in a pretty rural area. But it's also a pretty poor place, so yeah... And I find that there seems to be a massive drop in the maturity levels of some of my classmates as the years go on, which is disheartening. I hope the next 3 years fly by. This year was pretty fast, so maybe the next few will be too.

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Drop in maturity levels? ..

Drop in maturity levels? .. probably all of the drugs >.<
Yup, I'm sure they'll fly by; they did for me.

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This could, for any number of reasons, be a ridiculous suggestion. But, ever heard of this place?
Essentially, it's a special college where you can start after 10th or 11th grade and get an associate's or bachelor's degree. You're clearly very intelligent, and if you hate your school/town that much...

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Something like that would be

Something like that would be amazing, but I don't think my mom would let me go all the way to Massachusetts after 10th or 11th grade. That's a reeeeallly long way from where I live. :(

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I'm sorry I don't know of a

I'm sorry I don't know of a similar place closer to your region! :-( I'm tempted to say you've nothing to lose by asking, but I know my mom wouldn't have gone for letting me move across the country to start college early, either.

When you do get to college, I promise there are fewer idiots here. Or at least it's easier to avoid them. :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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I know Simon's Rock! That place is amazing. I wanted to go there. But my parent's didn't even let me apply. They are against soo many things. So yeah MA is far from me too.

But Super Duck, depending on where you live, there are a few, and I say FEW other early college programs. And there are a few great boarding schools with great financial aid and scholarship opportunities. I wanted to go to a boarding school where we would have gotten FREE tuition because of how much my parents make, but nope. They didn't like that. But it sounds like a good thing for you maybe.

Look into boarding schools. And study abroad.

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Money is always the issue

Money is always the issue with private school, though. Our school has found plenty of kids who had drugs, cigarettes, alcohol... They do nothing about it unless someone outside the school complains. Yeah, they'll give you detentions... but deep down they just care about image. If no one on the outside knows, they don't care. They've even told us that they don't give a fuck if we do stuff out of school, and they know exactly who's using,(since they track everything we do on our laptops, therefore giving them access to basically all our online life) as long as nothing happens at school or especially around school, where people might complain.

Both private schools I've attended actually both had really good reputations, and they are generally better than the public schools as far as education is concerned, we have a 100% success rate for passing high school (mainly because they kick out all the students with low grades) and we're ranked first in the province for our grades... That being said, the same problems you have still apply - it's impossible to put ANYTHING on teachers who have seniority, no matter how retarded they act, they will never do anything about it... Even if their teaching methods are outdated and irrelevant to us. I'd rather be at my school than another though, mainly because of the reputation, ect.

Either way, high school in general is bull. I'm glad I finish this year.

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Luckily, mine doesn't go so

Luckily, mine doesn't go so far as to track their students, but they really only care about their money. They really just want to win state championships in all the sports so that they look better than everyone else, which would encourage parents to send their children there. More money for them.

Surprisingly, my school is crappy when it comes to managing academics. They do try to prepare you for college, but they absolutely do not help (can't be bothered) OR kick out (loss of the precious money!) the students who are struggling. Half of the kids in my Honors classes don't actually belong there. Their parents either work for the school or are absolutely loaded, so they get whatever they want. I guess the school thinks having a larger number of "honor" students makes them sound better.

My school has the worst reputation in town, though... Everybody knows we've got the most incompetent teachers and the meanest kids. :/

High school is completely and totally bull. I'm just sad that I have 3 more years of this nonsense.