I should be doing homework right now...

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but I really don't care.

As it's getting closer to the end of hte year I'm beginning to realize that graduation's gonna suck. I have so many people that I love chilling with that are seniors... meaning they're leaving. It's ridiculous how uncool that is. and my main obsess over guys buddy is leaving next year! She's also my wife... damn I'm in a bad spot. D:

And awesome pants guy... that's kinda sad. He's attractive.. never seeing attractive people again is a depressing thought. Hell, I'll even miss seeing theaterboy and yaley (yeah, new people, whatever) in teh hallways. they were fun. >.>

And then all of my sister's other friends... hopefully I'll at least see them when my sister comes back from school for breaks and all that... or maybe I can make them come visit me during their breaks, seeing as my sister won't have too many next year.. yeah, I think I'll do that.

Mann.. D:

Uhm.. what else... OH! I won a math award. I had to spend an hour sitting there just for a little piece of paper telling me something I already knew - that I'm good at math. No crap... it's not like I've had straight a+s in that class this year or anything. ><

Maybe I oughtta find a way to be involved in like... community service or something. Damnit, I'm getting caught in the 'improve resumee for college as much as possible' trap. *sigh*

I s'pose it's gotta happen soon though. The only colleges I wanna go to in the us are ones that realllly push for that sorta thing... or art schools. Which I think I should be set with..

Hohman, are you listening to me? I think I'm going crazy... o_O