I simply wish life was simplistically simple... Agree?

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Im on good terms with Lance. Finally. That means the war inside my head is over. Rite?

Nope. turns out, i still have an inward attraction towards him. But he's straight. Thank god, cuz i've found someone else that i want to be with.

He's the mystery guy in Ohio. We're going on a phone date (hopefully) tomorrow. I like him alot. Sounds like a nice story, rite?

Wrong. There's a catch.

Fred wants to date me, again. So im going to the mall with him soon. I'm certain all he wants is sex. But, i KINDA like him. IDK what to tell him.

Any comments?


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i think have sex with fred,

i think

have sex with fred, ignore lance (then talk to him), and go on phone date with mystery guy

sounds good???

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Phone Date...

Sounds interesting! Good luck...

Just curious... but am I correct that that obliges both to use the speaker phone option? :)

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not necessarily... i dont think... AHH, now you have me thinking. i hate thinking....

a psychotic pencilist, moe