I think ive just discovered some new effing music!

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Teddybear's Stockholm btw.
heard it on a friends profile. now off to youtube to explore :3

yay for discovering new music :D


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Don't you love that? I've been trying out new bands and rediscovering some others a lot lately thanks to the library.

The latest is ASHES dIVIDE. I kinda got into The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus a few weeks ago, too. Their first album, anyways. Then I rediscovered Nirvana, George Michael, Default's first album, and Korn's latest. I've been a happy midnight surfer lately :D

I've never heard of the band you mentioned, though.

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I just...

got back from the first public show of a new band called Halstead, which is based on SF. Their debut album will come out in July.

You can hear them now at http://www.halsteadmusic.com/

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I downloaded Meiko, Feist's

I downloaded Meiko, Feist's discography, Jenny Owen Youngs, Nikki Yanofsky, Scissors Sisters and Simon and Garfunkel's discography last weekend.

Oh, and I discovered some singles by Imogen Heap that I had never heard of before - "Cumulus" and "Not Now But Soon".

Oh, and I got Kate Nash's new album a couple of weeks ago : D

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daft punk

my favorite group is Daft Punk. i heard them when i was young(er) and rediscovered it when my (ex) friend let me listen to it and i was like "wow this is awesome" and they have been my favorite since then. Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK, Alisa =D

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Two other recent finds...

Dawes and Evelyn Evelyn (featuring Amanda from Dresden Dolls). Saw Dawes a few weeks back, and I see Evelyn Evelyn, the first conjoined sister singing duo, in concert next weekend.


Evelyn Evelyn:

Evelyn Evelyn (Behind the music):

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain