I wasn't worried before. NOW I'm worried.

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My goal in swimming was to get Junior Nationals times before I leave high school.
However, unfortunately, I'm young for my grade. And, the meet is in December. So, senior year, I'm going to be 17. Already enough to get you sweating.

And, last night, I found on the PNS (Pacific Northwest Swimming) website the Top Time Tables. In these they have everyone's times for every swim, divided back into age, going back to the 2004-2005 season.
And so, naturally, I checked the time tables for 17-18 boys.
And, I found out that only the top 6 in the STATE 17-18 boys had gone to Junior Nationals. And I'll be 17.
That would mean I have to advance to one of the best swimmers in the state to get those times by the time my year comes.
And, no mistake, I've been steamrolling up those tables for the past few years, leapfrogging left and right.
3 years ago, I was like 3rd to last on 50 free. (out of about 300 maybe swimmers)
2 years ago, I was probably at spot 250, maybe...
Last year, I was at about spot 120.
This year, I'm about 50th, out of 220 swimmers...
If you include the time I have now, you get maybe 40 something...
The only problem is, 50 is a lot bigger of a number than 6, and you want the small one.

So what does it all mean?
Double dryland. More weekend workouts. Increased anaerobic training. Better eating habits (more food and healthier food).
In general, even more work...


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Maintain Focus...

...on your goals (note plural). You are still young and currently passing through stages of rapid development --- physical and mental. This next year after your freshman year in high school should see you through many positive developments: academically, socially , and (no less important) advancing swimming rank...

But, maintain balance. Always have a backup plan that you can implement if needed after another year!

Healthful eating will complement all of your objectives. But you've already anticipated this comment :)

Today's meet will be a success! Report tonight?

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I doubt it...

I'm pretty sick today... So I don't think I'll perform that well.

No one escapes from life alive

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That's Tough... Really!

That's about all the sympathy I'm allowed to extend... online!

Maybe it could dissipate in time?