I wish...

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I had better news. All that came out of my appointment was having blood drawn, which I guess is good news, and being probed very... completely. Which, of course, meant that I got majorly dysphoric. As in... moreso that I can ever really remember being.

I s'pose I shouldn't be so negative... it's a start, after all. It's better than nothing...

Btw, she said she didn't have the 'structure' to prescribe anything yet. Whatever the hell that means... far as I can tell, only structure you need is the ability to do the actual bloodwork and the ability to write a prescription. But hey, whaddo I know? *sigh*

In any case... yeah. I'm not as dysphoric anymore. Back to just ignoring those issues. Same as always. And hoping that the mythical 'structure' suddenly comes into existance...


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thats a start. from having a father doctor, i know that medical processes are slow, it would be weird if you walked in and she took one look at you and siad "you need da hormones now!" thenthrew needles at you

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I know that. I wasn't

I know that. I wasn't expecting anything immediately, but I was hoping for better than "we don't have the structure to do anything for a while."

I know people that had hormones within a week... again, I wasn't expecting that, but she talked liek it would be a year. :P

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