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I identify as queer or Androgyne. There was a time I identified as trans. Adrogyne is a name my fiancé gave me to accommodate my female body and masculine mindset and outward expression. (In other words I'm a total "dyke") I prefer the term Androgyne or boi. I'd like to know what everyone else out there identifies as. Are you Queer, gay, ally (friend of gays that is straight), fag hag, fag stag, lesbian, les lover (the male equivalent to lezzies as a femaleis to gay people, aka fag hag), boi, queen, FTM, MTF?
And, why do you identify that way?

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please excuse me for this undergrad bullshit answer

I understand that some feminists- in particular radical feminist writers like Mary Daly- wrote transphobic and frankly harmful things about transpeople and I do want to distance myself from that. I understand that the existance of transpeople undermines rather than reinforces the essentialist view of binary gender. So what I'm about to say is not about that.

However, all of that said some of the populist trickle down from the '90s/ '00s gender theorists (Butler* etc) seems to have resulted in a counter-intuitively old fashioned understanding - or perhaps expression - of gender, partly demonstrated through the uncritical use of ideas like 'masculine' and 'feminine'. Partly as a result of the squeamishness of queer politics to put theory within relation to the (economic) base or wider socio-political context.

Because 'feminine' and 'masculine' are so obviously constructs and because femininity - more so even that masculinity- is performative and affected, even though I am alienated by aspects of female culture I have no trouble in saying that I am a woman. And (ha) for want of a better word, I'm a lesbian.

*brings me into a cold sweat of terror because this writing is impenetrable

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Gay. Boring standard identification. Not into girls, pretty easy.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Oh, I'm just a lesbian. I

Oh, I'm just a lesbian. I never gave this a ton of thought... I'm just a girl who likes girls. I'm also pretty feminine. I guess I'm kinda uninteresting and basic, huh?

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A feminine male. Sometimes I

A feminine male.
Sometimes I think I'm sort-of androgynous.

Depends on the day, I suppose. I don't feel attachment to either gender roles.

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I guess I'm a lesbian. But I

I guess I'm a lesbian. But I don't really afford it a huge amount of thought.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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I'm not really sure

I'm bi, and I act like both sexes. Some days I'm super feminine, and others I'm totally masculine. I'm balanced P:

I may have been born a woman, but I'd happily be a male any day. Then again, I'm happy as a woman too. It doesn't really matter to me.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I'm a guy. A pretty damned

I'm a guy. A pretty damned androgynous guy with the wrong body. And, for now, I like guys. That could change though. *shrugs*

The only part of that that I find really important that people understand is that I'm a guy. I hate it when I'm told that I'm anything less than male. :P

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

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I identify as an FTM pre-everything. Some days it doesn't exactly fit so if anyone asks me I just say I'm Genderqueer.

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Spammers: Now in Dutch! I

Spammers: Now in Dutch!

I don't really identify. I'll call myself gay, but not lesbian - I'm neither female enough nor sexual enough. I'll call myself androgynous or genderless or gender-whatever. I'll call myself asexual. But generally if asked I'll launch into some explanation far longer than the one-word answer sought.

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Hm...hard to say, exactly.

I think of myself as a gajindiak. It covers gender and kinda sexuality. So...I think I'd say I'm 85-92% interested in females, so... 85-92% gay, I guess. But since I'm a gajindiak, I'm not female, so... It is technically bi, but whatever. I'll immediately tell you I'm a gajindiak if it comes up or you call me a gender-specific pronoun, but I'll be a little more guarded sexuality-wise (a surprising number of people don't ask who a gajindiaks attracted to). Though I think if anybody directly asked, I'd have no choice but to tell them the details.

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lets hear it for the forum topic from May being revived!

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I know, isn't it fantastic?

And it's all because of the spammers. Yay, spammers! You actually did something helpful for once!

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i attempt to be a feminen guy, but my mum always froces me back into the boy area. the most i can get away with around her is a bright scarf if we are in public.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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I'm lesbian. Now for the

I'm lesbian. Now for the over thought explanation!
I've categorized attraction (for myself, anyway) into three types:
1. Mental. (this person has an amazing personality and I want to be really close to them as a friend)
2. Physical type 1 (pretty. okay, fine. Beautiful)
3. Physical type 2 (I would completely want to have sex with this person if I wanted to have sex at all)
I get mental crushes on girls and guys, always have, but with guys I've never gotten either type of physical attraction and in fact from a romantic standpoint I find them fairly revolting. Girls, on the other hand...
Now for the annoying bit: if I have a strong enough mental attraction to someone and a slight physical attraction that physical attraction will rapidly grow until it's just below the level of the mental attraction. Regardless of sex/gender.
So, in a sentence: I identify as lesbian because in the absence of mental attraction I only find females attractive.
And as I side note I just realized that scores of my friends are bisexual but only a few are gay/lesbian. Odd.

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Hell if I know at this point.