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So.. I marched in a pride parade yesterday. It was fun... there were craploads of people speaking asl there. I really wanna learn asl properly.. I know a bit, but not as much as I'd like to... There were soooo many people, just in general. It was cool.. and I got rainbow suspenders. :D

New doctor who was awesomesauce. I'm glad that they actually properly brought back the daleks, instead of the doctor killing htem all and then they magically come back somehow. I was sick of that.. but you can't get rid of the daleks completely, yaknow? So.. yeah.. that's good.

And today I got up and went to learn how to snorkel. With a whole buncha people from my school. this means that they know who I was before.. The only way into the pool was the locker room. I went through the guys one, of course.. -not- going through the girls'. :P

But... the most homophobic people in my school were there. And they didn't say anything, but I could tell they were thinking it. And maybe they will sometime.. while it wouldn't bother me so much if they did, cuz they'd just be being asses, I'd wanna be able to actually respond. I mean.. I wouldn't want them to think I cared. But because I'm horrid at talking it would probably seem like I did... I dunno. I'll figure it out as it goes, I guess. Three more sessions..

And now I'm listening to the pixies, through the suggestion of the guy that sings for okgo. I'm amazed that I've never -really- listened to them, to be honest.. for somebody that considers myself knowledgeable when it comes to music, it's almost embarrassing. :P

(debaser - hahahahoo)


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when you said there was acrap load of ppl, i originally took it as there are a carpload of ppl XD

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