I'm, Like, Totally Tripping On Love... Dude....

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Last night, around 10:00, was the happiest moment I have had in an eternity. It started out with my brother not falling asleep and my mom not leaving to drive her boyfriend to work. It appeared that I would not be able to call my angel and I was going to cry my eyes out until there was blood. But then she left and Matthew fell asleep. I grabbed my cell phone, (of which no longer has any use except to store phone numbers), and I crept out into the living room.

I spied the home phone, perched on a shelf next to unimportant objects like a gateway to something I had not yet determined. I grabbed it and dialed the designated number I had been given several days before. I prayed that the Angel would pick it up. On the first few rings, he didn’t and i had to leave an awkward message. Then I realized he had called me back, so I pressed redial and tried again.

Life, for me, was over and heaven had begun when I heard his voice. Sweet, charming was the voice as he spoke to me. I had a limited time to speak with this angel, ma would be back soon. But, I loved that tender moment I got to spend with him. LOVED IT. I felt all awkward and stuff, but it felt good. We laughed, and he told me a joke. I smiled the whole time. The last person who made me feel like this, took my heart, chewed it up, swallowed it, spit it up, and trampled it several times. THAT'S a different story. THIS was the perfect remedy for my soul.

The headlights of my silver Dodge caravan flashed in the window and I knew it was time to go. We said our "love you"s, but I wish that it wasn’t so rushed. Then, I hung up and rushed back to my room, quickly climbing into the shelter of my cool bed. Ma came in to check on us, unaware of the secret fun I just had. That made me feel just a bit guilty, having to keep yet another secret from her. But, I get to have a bit of heaven from time to time, right? I thanked God, something that I rarely do these days, for giving me the chance to have that bit of heaven. I just felt so alive, I barely got to sleep. It wasn't my insomnia that time, but something on a whole new spectrum. An Angel's voice; it kept me awake for several hours. So, I made a playlist on my IPod that featured only love songs that were jovial. Sooner or later, I fell asleep.

I'm going to try to get another piece of heaven tonight. TE AMO.


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I'm hoping that you'll be able to share yet many more moments of ecstasy!