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It's incredibly hot... and though I do live here I just can't deal. GUHHH WHY SUN WHY? On top of it all all I have are jeans and some long oxfords.. no summer clothes. Right now I managed to scrounge up some running shorts and a baggy T-shirt but its still hot as hell. Ugh, one of the people I eat lunch with decided to call a bunch of older friends from the main building over to eat lunch w/ us.... AND THEY WOULD'NT STOP SINGING THEATRICALLY. I mean, don't get me wrong I like all of them..Nice people. However, it's just a tad distracting when you are loudly singing about sagitory rape to the entire school. ON YOUR OWN TIME DAMN. So I just got up with another friend of mine and we walked off, we could still hear them on the other side of the school.ON top of that She keeps on having some drama that no one can understand except for herself. Which is ok I suppose... I'm a dramatic person myself.. but at least give us a hint as to whats wrong. Maybe it's about someone teasing her or something, thats usually what it ends up being? Very few people even comment on anyones sexuality were I live so who knows?... My town is pretty liberal.

WELL THEN. Yea, I'm pretty bored now a days.. stressing out because Finals are 2 weeks away but I'm starting classes at Cooper Union next Saturday.. so YES ! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! I'm in need of good color theory... COOPER UNION!


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that song you were talking

that song you were talking about isn't a parody by any chance, is it?
teens are getting sluttier younger?
because that's what that totally reminded me of.
If you have no clue what I'm talking about, I completely understand if you think I'm crazy.

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I honestly have no clue..

It's probably something they made up... Hahaha yea it doesn't ring a bell but don't worry, you don't sound too crazy :D