I'm not thinking straight...

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I'm thinking quite lesbian today ;D

Today was pretty amazing.

We had band practice from 10-2 again, and I got super-sunburnt... I HAVE THE WORST FARMER'S TAN.

The best part was definitely lunch, when Pi was playing guitar and EVERYONE was singing along. We got the WHOLE band to sing "I'm yours" in unison XD and then our teacher, Mrs. Neptune, randomly handed me this piece of pastry, and she said "Here, for you, Shelby. Because I love you." X3
It was a cream puff...

But seriously
How sweet is that? I feel so special sometimes when people do stuff like that for me <3 I tried sharing with Hannah, but she didn't want any :/ British either D:
Oh well. It was super-yummy!

Then I went to a party
and ateeeeeee lots of food
I went and watched our high school's production of "The Pajama Game" :) which was SO great. It was the last show of the play, and of the whole year. I really love musicals. I said hi to the orchesta teach, Mr. Quiet, twice- I think he recognized me the second time XD

I saw C (Who I'll call Francais) and Bubbly, Jumpy, and Sparkly. Which was cool :) I hope they liked it as much as I did!

Well I'm super tired... So I think I'm gonna go off to bed now... Gosh, I'm so busy lately...