Is it legal for a gay guy to bring a chick to a dance?

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So, our new high school is having an incoming freshman dance. And I have no one to bring... Which sucks. Asofar, I do not know of any boys that would seriously take me...
Which leaves, of course, the other gender.
Uber Christian suggested I ask a girl I shall call Erica, for very complicated reasons which I googled. You could google Erica again, and wikipedia will likely give you the answer, cause Wiki knows all.
Anyway, I do like Erica, and we're very good friends.

But, is it legal, by the laws of nature, for someone of the homosexual attractional orientation to court and bequeath the hand of an individual residing within the opposite gender of aforementioned homosexual to a dance?
In other words, even as friends, can a gay guy ask a girl to a dance?
Or should I just go with friends?

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The school will *always* love any perceived heterosexuality.

Whether you want to go with a girl is up to you. As as long she knows you're a big homo, and it's a friends thing, sure, have fun.

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What jeff said. It's no big deal; I took a girl to my prom, even slow-danced with her, and everything was OK.

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If You Want to Attend...

...then GO.

Erica would be a great choice... provided she is under no illusion that she might turn you! It would be two friends attending an enjoyable introduction to high school life...

But, make sure that she fully supports (and may even assist) with your assessment of all attendees (from other feeder schools?). :)

This could prove to be a great opportunity!

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Duh, sweetheart...

it doesnt matter. just go and have fun... thats all that matters.

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As long as she knows you two are going as friends and not as dates, I don't think it's a problem.

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I would say that as long as

I would say that as long as you ask something like 'Do you want to go to the high school freshman dance with me AS FRIENDS' then it would be fine, so she doesn't get the wrong ideas.

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She's super nice...
I don't know if you should ask her though. That'd be weird...

Damn, there's so many people I wanna go with. She's on my list D: Her and Francais and Red...
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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You're Lot Closer... the drama. But... explain weird. Not saying that you're wrong; but weird sounds extremely interesting :)

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Chad's a strange, awesome kid, and gay ;P and Erica is super nice and silly and I have a feeling all the more "going together" would just be Chad poking her repeatedly the whole time XD
It'd be weird.

And then slow dancing? Oh no... XD

I'd rather see him go with another boy :D
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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i took soo many girls to dances in junior high and high school. it doesnt imply anything, and if she asks, that's your call as to tell her ornot, but theres no law, at least in our state, against it. lol.

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