It really, finally is over

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Well I ended up going to that party last night, that I made my last journal about. I had made my mind up not to go, and text the girl I am currently seeing to tell her I wouldn't be out. I was honest and told her why, and she text me back to say come, and that if I was uncomfortable or upset we could go somewhere else. This kind of gave me the push to go, because I really wanted to see her.

I was then chatting to my sister about things with my ex, and she pointed out so many things to me about her that are so unattractive. Not physically, just her behavior and the way she treated me both when we were together and in the time since we broke up. My ex told me so many bad things about myself that I believed and hadn't mentioned to anyone, because I felt so ashamed. The conversation was like a slap in the face to reality for me. I am not perfect, but I am not the things she called me. I have been so busy focusing on them instead of all of the nasty things she said and did. I realized just how much time and respect I had still being giving her, and how much she didn't deserve it.

So when I got to the club last night, I found my current girl and went to say hi. I then went to find the other group, and say hello to them. I saw my ex and didn't even have any huge desire to talk to her. I was polite but not that bothered, and it felt great to be back in control of my own emotions. I moved between both groups, but spent a lot of time with my current lady. It was the first time any of that group, including the ex knew of her. Later on in the night I saw my ex and her ex holding hands, and think they may have kissed, and I still didn't really feel anything about it. Except a little relief that I got away from the situation, however painful the last few months were this year.

So in conclusion I am finally, really over it. Not lingering feelings left, and just a beautiful new lady to spend my time with =]


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You deserve a

You deserve a congratulations :)
It's really really great to know you're officially over something.
What a wonderful feeling!

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Good for you! I'm glad the

Good for you! I'm glad the party ended up being a turning point for you. It's so nice when these things don't cause stress and you can actually enjoy being out and with your girl :)