It's hard, sometimes;

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It just sorta crashes alot on me lately. I find that weird. I won this "Student of the Month" thing at my school, and you get it from one teacher and they sign it. I got "Courage and Perseverence".

My counselor signed it.

...I didn't know that was even possible. She must really think I'm special...

Dear mother, if you read this, that's a privacy problem. Stay outta my home!

Anyways, I'm super tired. Had a colorguard meeting yesterday that I'll try to write about after my long weekend... Gonna go dress shopping with Hannah! :)


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Dress shopping with G

Dress shopping with G STUBBORZ YEAH

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Maybe we'll get you a pretty

Maybe we'll get you a pretty bra too ;)
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.