It's Late and I Just Realized Two Things

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I love Owl City and I love Christina and Im not gonna change my plans. Cause i know that we were meant to be together. im gonna keep going to helen hunt and im gonna graduate early. I know that everything im working for, that the reason im working my ass off and have changed so much, is cause i really do love her. If she decides to not take me back after next week, that would be fine. She's not out of my life forever. She still wants to be with me, it's the distance that bothers her, and that too is fine. Ive waited this long, i can wait a little longer :). If I could make her fall in love with me in a week, then im sure i could get her back.
(i gave a pretty impressive speech type thing earlier today, yeah i cried, but what i said was true) I know a year can be a long time, and im doing my best to make it less, but before we both know it I'll be moving out of Mom's and into Christina's. Before we both know it, we'll finally be together. A year goes by fast. I really am doing everything in my power to make it shorter, hell im graduating a year early, if i can manage to take summer courses then it would be alot shorter. Im determined guys. I really am. and i let her know that tonight.

thats my new fav song btw. its a shame its so short >.<