list for trans peeps

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here is a list of books from a list by the Transgender Youth Support Network that i have read or think are good
1) how beautiful the ordinary" twelve stories of identity
2) down to the bone
3) almost perfect
4) Grl2Grl: short fictions
5) Luna: a novel
6) runaways (comics/craphic novel)
for the list just visit this link:
i think that Luna is one of the best books i have ever read and then the Runaways is also pretty good if any one wants to add to this list it isn't trans exclusive(down to the bone is more like a gay novel than trans novel) please feel free to
Love, Alisa =P

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parrotfish! totally awesome,

totally awesome, ftm trans story.
and, uh, stone cold butch? i haven't read it. but its about a transman.
shat. there's this book by Lynne Breedlove that i adore. it deals a lot w/ gender and all that fun stuff. i can't remember the name....

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Why do seasonal marshmallow chicks identify as trans?

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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jeff, esplain. i'm

jeff, esplain.
i'm confusedd...

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Google "peeps"

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I was also soooo confused. Now I get it.

I guess I didn't notice the title much the first time...

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sorry but this list is from the minnesota hennepin county library system but the books are still available you know worldwide.P.S. when i read Luna i was like OMG I NEED THIS BOOK IT IS SO DAMN GOOD!! Love,Alisa =D

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They actually have Luna at

They actually have Luna at the school library, which shocked me.
I love it :)
I like how it's from a different perspective

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yeah many of these books are more than likely available at your school library P.S. im only 16 not an old library lady with 50 cats(although i have three now) Love,Alisa =D

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A year later... O~o

Try "J." Don't remember the author... oops. But yeah really good book--the main character J (strangely enough) is really confused, really angry. Not like Parrotfish, which I found kinda stupid (no offense, people who love it). Haven't read Luna so I have no opinion on that 1... But yeah definitely the best transgender book out there (not that there are that many... gay guys definitely dominate in the literary world).