lost in... disappointment i think

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he's straight... thats wat he is,,, DAMN fool made me think that we could of actually been a thing... grrr...
idk wat happened and wat made me think that maybe he wasnt jus playing wit me... i guess he sorta led me on... i wouldnt want to believe it bt i actually went for it,,i hoped that maybe it will end up something.. bt watever..
the story is he told me he wasnt sure about his orientation.. he gave me his digits and we texted for a lik week or something and i tot it was going some where.. i mean he wanted us to play pool together, he wanted me to take him to MY prom, he wanted me to come see him perform with his band.. i guess in all that happened i started to have hope.. grr..
wat was suppose to do,, not think that maybe he wanted something to happen?
than last nyt i was tired of jus assuming if he was bi or gay,,, i guess i kinda felt that the day we wud meet, he'd say "oh hey dude! come here,, oohh by the way this is my girlfriend" kinda thing. so u jus asked him.. i asked if he was straight,, and HE IS. so now everything that i imagined and tot about burned down in flames. bt the thing is... i dont really mind! at least i tried! and i'm glad that i cn b lik " Yea so wat if things didnt endup like i wanted, at least i cn never say 'wat if'" thats the only thing making me smile. thank god i have my friends to turn back on. =]


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Yeh... That's What Life Is...

...But wasn't it great as long as it lasted? And, is there any reason why your friendship and intimacy (short of actual sex) with him must end?

If you wait until you're "nearly sure" that the object of your desire is almost certainly gay, your odds of winding up with a really decent guy is much lower.

It is much more rewarding to develop many memorable friendships... in time you'll certainly find that the one who had not been blatantly advertising will let you know that your feelings are shared mutually.

The wait is worth it. You do have a reliable survival tactic that works in the interim...?