Love on the Rocks

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Prologue: Togetherness

"Sara Joanne Morris and Jacob Nash Mackensie you have been found guilty of the crime of unlawful sexual conduct with the opposite gender. Your sentence for this crime is death by fire. Do you have any last words before the burning comenses?"

"One." Sara spoke calmly from the stake she was tied to. A furnace churning and pouting below her feet.

"Yes? What bit of knowledge could despicable people such as yourself reveal to us lawful and justful citizens?" The mustached man standing the closest to the two pyres asked with a deep bellowing chuckle following suit.

"Love." The red-haired Jacob, tied to the other pyre, spoke. Sara confirmed his single word with a placid nod.

"You know nothing of Love! You were in acts of lust, out of wedlock and against both the God and Goddess! You are disgusting abominations in the eyes of the divinity. And for that - you shall be purged." The priest roared with a fire in his belly before being joined by hordes of couples crowded behind him.

The furnaces beneath both the pyres lit with dragon breath plumes of flame. The two seperate fires caught the lighter fluid soaked stakes with relative ease. Agonizingly harmonious screams both high and low curdled the air at the exact same moment the fire roared and drafted even higher into the sky.

The screams were always the most viscious. All but the most hearty couples in the audience gripped onto each other and winced together. Strange the amount of togetherness there was at the last moments of one couple. But unfortunate that the last thing Sara and Jacob would ever do together would be scream.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----

Entry One: Fire and Ice

The world forever and ever falling in flames. How will the world end? In Fire? In Ice? Or some other means? Robert Frost said Ice. I am not so sure. Unless it comes as a silent end.

That is what ice causes, death in silence. While the opposite holds true for fire, at least until the smoke takes over. The screams of people being burned alive haunt me so. And the more I actually bother to look at a newspaper the more I see radical opposite gender couples coming out and being burned like witches in history or poisoned by deadly cubes of ice.

By Ice!

Could you imagine? Standing, talking, full of life and energy; someone makes a toast and you all take a drink of champagne or whatever. The next thing you know, you drop like a rock! Never to see anyone again. Damned to where ever people that defy Goddess go.

Although now that I think about it. This does explain why the method of ice death to these couples in the paper became known as Death on the Rocks.

Of course the ice method is totally illegal, unlike the fire method, which seems way crueler. But no one is ever caught for the crime of poisoning, cause most of our town as a whole deems two people sleeping with the other gender, atrocious and an act against God or Goddess.

I mean, it is a little gross. A man and a wimmin. How would it even work? They can't even have children together. It just doesn't seem right. But it is also not right to kill people just cause of the people they fall in love with. Then again it still happens.

What has messed me up the most was the newest deaths by fire in my town. I knew them, unlike the others, both of them. They were nice, interesting, fun and friendly people, even the guy, Jacob. Sara was like an older sister to me, who I definitely had a crush on at some point, even if she was older. Jacob was neat for a guy. He hooked some friends and I up with alcohol for a party for more than one occasion. At the very least he was decent, unlike most guys.

Either way their end didn't seem fair, they were just people like everyone else. But I know - Life isn't fair - blah, blah, blah. My aunt used to always say that. Doesn't mean it can't not suck.

Jacob and Sara sure got the shady side of the palm tree. And how many more people are going to end up losing the light of the sun? How many more people out there that I know are in the same situation?

A man and a wimmin... I wonder what it's like.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

Entry Two; This Game We All Know

"Lucy? Hey Lucy, are you even listening to me?"

No, I wasn't. But it wasn't like my girlfriend didn't already know that. I still lied either way, "Yeah, of course."

"Then what were we talking about?" Rachel asked in that know-it-all tone she was exceptionally good at. She had been getting better at using it the more I knew her; about as much as I had been getting better at not paying attention to her.

"Probably sex." I knew I would regret the word probably the moment it left my lips. I wish that word didn't exist in my vocabulary, like so many others.

"Probably? Meaning you weren't paying attention?" I should have mentioned how 'we' weren't having a conversation. I was just her wall to talk at, and not to. Conversations aren't had with Rachel, it's either argue, or listen to her.

"Yeah, probably. It's like the only thing you actually talk to me about. Why do you think I tune you out?" Apparently my mouth was more prepared for this argument than I had thought. Then again I have been told I don't think things through, especially when I talk.

"Well maybe if we ever actually had it, it wouldn't be a frequent conversation topic. I mean - Dick- Lucy!" Here it comes, the argument portion has officially begun with rachel jumping to her feet and shouting curse words before my name. "Word went around that you definitely don't put the loose in Lucy. But - Balls - Lucy! We make out, we get romantic, in the mood, just about to get there and you shut me out. Cold! It's not like we would get in trouble for sex before marriage. We can be careful, be safe. It's totally fine. Everyone does it."

"I don't." And for a good reason. I don't want to get pregnant. I don't care how safe it can be, sex still ends with the same thing. Having a kid. And I'm not sure I even want to have a kid ever. Plus I kind of freak out every time it gets to giving myself to her. I heard the first time can hurt.

"Which is the problem! Why Lucy? It's not like you are into that no-sex-til-marriage thing, or religion, or Goddess. Don't you want to be with me?" That last phrase was about the last and first thing I was ready to answer. The first my mouth wanted to answer, the last my head ever wanted to approach.

"No." I spoke it rather plainly and quickly, and with what seemed like a level head, despite my shaking and shallow breath. Or my red face. It didn't help that most of the wimmin around us were starting to stare. Of course my mind had yelled firmly not to say a thing, but once again my mouth triumphs over everything else. It wasn't like I didn't want to be with her, I just didn't want to be alone. Probably why I've had so many girlfriends and not once lost my virginity.

"I thought so." Rachel just picked up her things, that dreadful mustard yellow bag she carried around, and walked away. With just that comment. As if those words might have read, 'well we are through then'. They really did read that way in my mind. All I could do was stand there as she walked off. It had to sink in for a moment. What had just happened within only a few passing moments.

That... Whore.

Walking away, and leaving me behind, as if she were the better person. All she wanted from me was sex, how does that make her the better person. I was looking for a companion, not just a sex toy. So why did some stupid piece of me still want to run after her and apologize.

I did nothing wrong! I have nothing to apologize about. She was a horrible person. She wasn't for me, she doesn't deserve anyone. I deserved someone better. You know - I wish she would fall in love with some male and be burned for such a crime against Goddess.


That was too far.
Too cruel.
It wasn't me.
It was the monster half of me.
The evil in me.
I just hate her.
How could she be so cruel.
So Cold.
Like deadly ice.
And I drank the whole glass.
Leaving only the poison that is myself

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------

This is a random short story beginning that just kind of bloomed and all started from a song composed by Sara Bareilles, Love on the Rocks. More to come as I have two more parts written already, just waiting to post more.


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fascinating! keep writing,

fascinating! keep writing, please. i'm curoius to learn more about this world they live in...
(oh, robert frost said the world would end in fire. btw.)
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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Yeah, that's my blog

Yeah, that's my blog elsewhere. And I know about the Robert Frost thing, I was messing around with the idea of flipping certain things as opposites in this world. In a world were men and women didn't breed with each other I figured some things would be different. Probably disconnects too much to start off like that though. Already introducing a vastly different world.

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mkay...i will go check that

mkay...i will go check that out. =)
i like the idea of a world where heterosexuality is the taboo...flipping things around like that has a really interesting effect.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!