Made up convo between Spashley and Naomily XD

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Naomi: So, you two are gay, are you? I mean, together?

Spencer: (smiling) Yeah.

Emily: (frowns a little and glances at Naomi) You're girlfriends?

Ashley: (annoyed) She just said so, didn't she?

Naomi: No offense or anything, but I've seen more action from her (nods at Emily, who smiles) in one episode than you two got in all three of your series. I mean, I think hair brushing is fine and all--

Spencer: (a little indignant) We kissed!

Emily: You mostly hugged. Hugging's nice, it is, but--

Naomi: It's not snogging. And you (turns to Ashley) had more sex with boys than you ever had with her. Clearly you're 'not into labels', whatever that means, but really.

Ashley: (angry) I tried! It's not my fault she didn't want to open her mouth when we kissed.

Emily: (quietly) Or, like, move it.

Spencer: We were on The N, though. They wouldn't even let us get horizontal. You guys had... (waves hands)

Naomi: (flatly) Oral sex.

Spencer: Right.

Emily: If I had a proper girlfriend (looks meaningfully at Naomi, who rolls her eyes) I'd do more than hugs.

Spencer: (glum) I like hugs.

Emily: Maybe you're not gay?

Spencer: But I am! Don't I keep saying so? Do you know how many arguments I've had with my mother over this? I'm so totally gay.

Emily: I really want to have sex with girls. How about you?

Spencer: I like having my hair brushed, and brushing hair. And I like cuddling. That totally counts, right?

Emily: (doubtful) Maybe...

Naomi: Oh, for fuck's sake, no. No, it really doesn't.

Ashley: You see why I kept going back to douchey guys now?


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I didn't make this up. It was something I found on the internet a year ago. Someone made it up and I thought it was funny, so I copied it to keep it :)

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That was amazing and so true.

Spashley was lame compared to the awesome might that is Naomily. :)

"I love you 1, a 2, a 3 shoobee-doo. I love you 4, that's more than I can afford. And I can tell some day that I'm gunna' say the truth. I love you 5!" - NeverShoutNever! :)

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phahah. i love naomi (: and

i love naomi (:
and spencer's adorable.