My dream trying to tell me something?

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Last night I had a dream that me and my mom we're taking our two dogs for a walk and I thought I saw a small dog in a patch of tall grass. So, I went to check it out and it turned out to be a raccoon, so I ran back and told my mom and we walked home. When we got home and went in the basement we found that the raccoon was actually living in our basement. Then I can't remember much until the end where I was trying to kill it with my bare hands by strangling it. Apparently the raccoon was threatening in some way. idk.

So, because the raccoon was so predominant in the dream I looked up raccoon on the dream definitions site and it said this:

"To see a raccoon in your dream, signifies deceit and thievery. You are not being completely honest in some situation."

Which I find kinda hilarious considering the predicament that I'm in right now. I want to go to the LGBT youth group and I've been trying to think of a lie (the past week) to tell my parents so I can go without coming out to them. Because I'm not ready for that yet.

Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me that it's a bad idea to lie. lol. I don't really know what the hell it's trying to tell me. or if it's trying to tell me anything at all. All I know is that the whole youth group thing has been on my mind a whole lot lately and I can't stop thinking about it.


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On Lying

IF you choose to lie, I want you to learn from my mistakes.

1) Don't mention specific people's homes. Parents can and will call other parents to contact their child, even if they've never met. Instead, choose a public place, like a park or store.

2)If your parents find out you aren't there, have a backup story ready. Saying that you went to the mall is probably best, as even if the parents where also there, there are so many stores that it wouldn't be unusual if you didn't run into each other.

3) Have details about your lie. It will be obvious if you try to make stuff up on the spot, so be thorough.

5) Feel free to mention the other people in the group; just lie about the pretense. Discussing how you feel about them will give you something else to tell your parents about other than what you did. For example, say that they are members of your book club, not your GLBT group. This should make your lie more believable as well.

6) Park in a different lot. Your parents will probably recognize your car, so it helps if you choose someplace inconspicuous to park. If your parents ask you about where you park, say you carpooled with someone in the group to save gas.

A study group is a pretty solid excuse for most high school students; parents usually wont object, and you can always just tell them what you did in school that day if they want to know what your study group was doing. Make sure to say that the other members of this group go to different schools, so that you are in the clear during parent-teacher conferences.

The only flaw would be that summer starts soon, and study groups don't usually extend into the summer. If you can't think of some reason that a study group would continue into the summer, just tell them that you are good enough friends that you wanted to keep in touch.

As you have probably deduced, this lie will be difficult. But if you honestly think this youth group could help you, especially in terms of coming out to your parents, then I'd say it's worth it.

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Oh, yeah

Good luck as well. And sorry about the length of the comment; I get carried away.

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Thanks :)

It'll definitely be help if I get to go.

Btw, did you find youth group to be helpful at all?

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so make up a lie and go.

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hey i wish we lived in the same area... i'm having problems with my parents and coming out... gosh i really wanna tell them,,, bt i feel lik i'l need someone to hold my hand & mayb take me in for a couple of days seeing that mother will throw me out after i tell her about myself.. -[
wish we cud help each other with this...
BT I HOPE FOR THE BEST FOR YOU!!! jus know that Lying isnt RIGHT. -] you'll find the way! -]