My dreams are so awesome.

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So, I had this dream last night. It was pretty crazy. It started out with just me and FCG, and we were arguing.

FCG: I am NOT taking French 2! I REFUSE!
Me: YES!

Then, the universe shifted, and we magically teleported to this strange little stadium place. Some of my friends were there, so I stopped arguing with FCG. There was also this secret agent guy, and he had a HUGE afro. And I mean HUUUUUGE. He was in this freaking pimp bright green car. Anyway, Secret Agent Guy was out to get me for some reason. I didn't know why, but he kept threatening me with a pistol. So you know what I did? I jumped into that motherfucker's car and stole it!

...I love my dreams. They're completely and totally pointless, but I love them.

Anyway, I just had to babysit my awful little sister. She refuses to listen to me about any thing ever, even when I'm freaking in charge, because she "only has to listen to grown-ups." Maybe I haven't blown out eighteen candles on a cake yet, but I'M the babysitter and am sure as shit more than twice your age, you horrid little devil-spawn! Luckily, my mom set her right about that one. God, I hate little kids. I especially hate being forced to babysit for the worst 7-year-old ever. My mom doesn't believe me when I say I'm never having any. She really thinks I'm gonna shell out all that money to adopt one when she knows how bad I am with them. Haha, suuuure. "What if you get a girlfriend who wants kids?" Well, then I guess she wouldn't be my girlfriend anymore!

I brought up the whole sister thing because of what I had to explain to her. Holy fuck, my grandma shouldn't be allowed around kids. We were watching TV, and there was this interracial couple, and my sister says, "It's really wrong when a black person and a white person marry each other, isn't it?"

Me: No.
Her: But Granny said so!
Me: Well, Granny's an old, racist bitch, now isn't she?
Her: We were in Walmart, and there was this white mommy with two dark little boys, and Granny said, "Disgusting. She married a black."
Me: Don't listen to her.
Her: But... she said...
Me: DON'T listen to her.

Granny sucks. >:|


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WHAT a grandma you have there, Super Duck.

And it's funny cuz your sister has the same mentality as my mom! "Not an adult yet? Nope, your opinion doesn't matter."
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Yeah, she's REALLY racist.

Yeah, she's REALLY racist. :( But it's how she was raised, really... This area wasn't desegregated until she was in her 20s. Quite sad. She still thinks everyone who drives badly is black, still uses "the n-word," and she seems to disapprove of my geometry buddy because he's a black guy.

Luckily, my mom isn't like that. D: