My night

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It's almost five in the morning. I'm the only one still awake. I think the cooler is affecting me now. I had my first one tonight after my sister insisted that I have one. I didn't drink it all, though, because I didn't like taste much it was a grapefruit flavoured VODKA. I preferred the bit of the Pink lemonade one that I had.

The only other alcohol I've ever had is champaign, which is disgusting, and maybe a bit of beer once. I'm not a big drink person. I basically only drink water. Once in a while, especially in the summer, I'll have some pop. But mostly it's water. typing is shit right now. I keep having to fix everything. I don't think it's because of the time cause I'm up till 4:30 am usually anyways. I don't know if it's the alcohol or what. So, maybe I'm just pooped out cause there was a lot going on today. My two sisters, my two nephews, and my sister's friend and her husband and kid came over tonight and every one got wasted. Well, almost everyone.

I'll have to write about that tomorrow. I should probably go to sleep, even though I'm worried about that girl from school.