My teachers are evil, French Class Girl is weird, and in sixth grade, I was really dumb.

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It sucks to be me right now. So. Many. Lines. There's one I totally fucked up on, but I refuse to go back and fix it because that would mean erasing a bunch of stuff.

Oh, and you know what makes me even angrier? One of the teachers I had a test for decided it would be much better to change the test into a FOURTEEN PAGE PROJECT. Why? WHY?! I would much rather just go and have the stupid test. Oh, and it's due the same day as another project AND the same day I have a freaking geometry test.

I hate my teachers. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.

Well, at least French Class Girl was interesting today. We were on our way to class, and she was walking near me. All of a sudden, she turned to me and the following conversation ensued:

Her: Super Duck.
Me: What?
Her: Your mom is awesome.
Me: Okay.
Her: Can you tell her I said so?
Me: Sure.

If by "appreciate her greatness," she means "want to have sex with her," then no, I can safely say I do NOT appreciate my mother's greatness.

Once we got to class, French Class Girl called me cute and told the entire class (yet again) that my mom was awesome all within the span of about 30 seconds. Eeek. Do not want. Then Irritating Girl called her (French Class Girl) cute. The levels of homo in that classroom were over 9000.

Also, what if there were TWO French Class Girls? Can you even imagine that? I imagined that when she mentioned that she and her mom look alike, and it broke my brain. I hope her mom isn't weird like she is. That would just be horrible. If they acted alike, then I bet her mom would be into people's grandmas. NOOOO I MUST HIDE GRANNY! :(

In other news, I talked to my biology teacher about my aversion to dissecting a froggy today. Her sage advice was, "Um, if you throw up or something, just try to get it in the trashcan, okay?"

So helpful and concerned, riiiight? At least I'm not the only person who might be sick at the sight of froggy guts. This other girl in my class said she isn't exactly looking forward to it either. I just hope my biology teacher doesn't decide to put all the people with weak stomachs in the same group. That would just be cruel. (I also hope I don't get a total dumbass in my group. Dumbasses + sharp objects = NO NO NO FAIL NO.)

The seniors had this thing where they all got dressed up and went in front of the school today. I'm not entirely sure what the intended purpose was. I just appreciated the one last chance to look at some of the hot ones. There were quite a few. Even French Class Girl's senior crush is halfway delicious when she puts effort into her appearance, though her clothing choices are... interesting. (Aww, I think I figured out why French Class Girl was sad yesterday!) One of the hot senior girls looks a little bit like my friend. Not completely like her, as my friend is much hotter, but there is a faint resemblance. Mmm. :D

Then I imagined how weird it will be next year when it is French Class Girl's grade. I hate soooo many of them. They have a bunch of guys who are total douches, and they have this one girl I had a massive crush on when I was like, 12, but she turned out to be a total bitch.

I hate thinking about that girl. Lately, I see her all the time around school, and it's horrible! She has the worst voice EVER and she's fucking some 20-year-old weirdo while being 17 and she smokes (the one habit I find deplorable) on the school campus and I just can't get why in the hell I ever liked her! It was really just one of those silly "OMFG she's really hot so i'm totally in love with her even though i've never talked to her" things a lot of kids go through when they're 12-ish. At least I hope so, or I might just have been the stupidest 12-year-old ever. (In that case, I am inventing a time machine just so I can bitch-slap myself.) Please, someone else tell me you were like that. I desperately hope I wasn't the only one. Oh, and she's French Class Girl's cousin, which makes everything hilarious in a sick kind of way. And did I mention she has the worst voice ever? Because she does. It's awful. At least she's hot, but she is just so akdfjds! >:C

Haha, sorry. I just had to rant about her because lately she is EVERYWHERE! I had always hoped I'd just forget her face or something but sadly I still remember every moment of epic lameness, which makes me just want to cringe every time I see her, which, lately, is every 0.2382 seconds. I can't wait for her to GO AWAY.

Anyway, I bought this low-fat, low-calorie ice cream, and it's pretty fucking great. I might go have some. Thinking about ice cream is better than thinking about stupid girls you "liked" almost four years ago or about evil geometry projects or about French Class Girl's massive love of your mom.


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I am veryveryvery sorry

I am veryveryvery sorry about your 14 page project.
That is ridiculous.
Aside from that, this made me laugh the most today :)
ohh, and yeahh, when I was younger..and sometimes now..
I developed crushes based solely on a girl's appearance..
then when I was a freshman and had some of those older cute girls in my extracurricular classes, I realized how unappealing a lot of them reallly were.. because of how they interacted with everyone.
so you're not the only one, woo!
I guess we're all a little dumb when we're going through puberty >.<
Ice cream is way better than thinking about unpleasant things, I agree.

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It's awful! I can't believe

It's awful! I can't believe she thought it would be better than a test...

And I'm glad I made you laugh! :)

Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that. :p

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Over 9000!

"...OVER 9000!!!" haha :D My friends always say that.
By the way, I love reading your journal posts; you always have the best stories!

It kind of makes me wish I had such entertaining people in my classes, because the gay level in my school is consistently around -9000. Bleh :p

I totally understand what you mean about unfortunate crushes. In 4th grade I had this crazy crush on one of my classmates; she was super cute but of course everyone thought she was weird because she was OBSESSED with Yugioh. And then when I was 15 there was this other girl in my English class who I was crazy about, she was a dancer and adorable, but she was pretty stuck up. Everyone thought she was a bitch, and that's pretty much my opinion now too. It's funny looking back on it all though, because I can just kind of laugh at myself. Granted, I still fall for girls just by their looks, in spite of myself. >.<

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I'm glad you like reading my

I'm glad you like reading my posts! :)

Sadly, the irritating people at my school outnumber the entertaining... but the ones who are entertaining are pretty great. Haha.

That's exactly that happened! Everyone knew how bitchy and weird this girl was, but I was deeply in denial because she was so hot. Then one day... I came to my senses! I wish I could laugh about it. Instead it just makes me sick with embarrassment. D: