my voice

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i don't like my voice. i need to be able to pass as a women (not always i just need the knowledge that i can) and my voice will ruin that. i've even tried feminizing it but it always sounds wrong. this thought of being unable to pass as a woman makes me sad and i cried last nite. on a good note i've expressed my real being and she is a more sociable, more happy and sees life as worth living where Kyle or HE didn't see life as worth living. i beleive this is partly due to music and my associating emotions to songs and i turned on my radio for the first time in like two years and heard a slew of great songs (my favorite is Ke$ha- your love is my drug. it denotes those feelings i am sure everyone wants to have when the find someone to date [the one true person for you to settle down with] and besides it is a pretty song)