Oberlin College = maybe my future home?

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I got back today from a visit to Oberlin College (in Ohio, in case you didn't know...about half an hour westish of Cleveland). My cousin is a sophomore there and I went and stayed with her for two nights. Now, the college was totally spectacular on all accounts, but I discovered that *my cousin is bi too*! Let's call her N, for future reference.

Oberlin being a liberal arts school, I wasn't surprised at the coed bathrooms and whatnot on campus, but even liberal arts schools have a sort of a range of rainbow acceptance, so I asked N if there was any kind of GSA or something on campus. She laughed and said, "Oberlin *is* a gay-straight alliance!" Then she said that there were a few different clubs for different people, so I sucked up my courage and said, "Mkay, well, see, I'm...well, bi, I guess, but I don't really know, so yeah." Her response? "Oh, well I'm in college and I don't even know. I'm dating a girl right now." Me: mind.blown. She continued: "Nobody graduates from Oberlin without experimenting with their sexuality at least once...it's kind of a rite of passage."

...And then I discovered today talking to my mom that she already knew. My aunt (N's mom) visited us a few weeks ago and apparently mentioned that N was bi and my dad told her I was and my mom told me that when I mentioned I'd asked N about Oberlin's rainbow-ness. And it's kind of funny, because before my trip I 1) realized that the odds of *someone* else in my huge family being not straight were pretty high, and 2) got this secret hope that maybe N was the someone and then I'd have a cousin to confide in and get advice from and stuff. And I got my wish!!

So now on top of all the *other* amazing stuff about Oberlin, which I won't take the time to recount here, I have an ally and kindred spirit and awesome used-to-be-good-friends cousin there! Just staying there I remembered how much we really have in common: we're nearly the same height and shoe size (size 5!), and I look more similar to her than my own brother, and she's a bio major which is my main interest, and it's just so awesome. ^^

Not gonna say anything for sure since Oberlin was only my second(/third) college visit, but I really absolutely loved it there. I can see myself going to school there.
It's an amazing feeling.


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whoaa, :D that's pretty neat

whoaa, :D that's pretty neat your cousin came out to you when you came out to her.
I'm excited for college because I heard "experimenting" is basically a rite of passage most places too.. hehe ;)
Oberlin sounds great

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I think Oberlin only has a straight alliance, since they're the minority.

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nice. my friends older

nice. my friends older brother goes there. hes a freshman

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Awesome. I looked at Oberlin, and it really is gay-friendly, extremely. Jeff may be right, about straight being the minority at Oberlin. It's a cool looking school. And that's great about your cousin! Yay! =)

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yeah, i pretty much can't

yeah, i pretty much can't wait for college now. ^^
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