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So yesterday I went to the Art Honors Society Induction because my Art Honors Society is awesome. It was funny because when we went out to eat afterwards I got a fortune from a fortune cookie that said "You have a deep appropriation of the arts and music". :)

I need to talk to a certain friend of mine about our youth-trans-group-meetings because they always go and then talk about unrelated things and such. And it really bothers me, and a lot of the people there. :/ I've neglected to say anything to them however, but I will. Today. I promised blackbelt I would so I have to.

And also, said friend said I have "some chub" yesterday, and when I said I didn't they repeated and now I feel like I'm fat again. Though I know I'm not because, there's hardly enough for me to grab but I'm -really- susceptible to body issues right now and I know it's something I'll have to work on. But uhh. One thing at a time right now. But yeah, I'm always wearing baggy clothes and they haven't actually seen what I actually look like in a while, they used to poke or grab my stomach (and they sometimes do) and I hate that because I HATE when people just randomly touch me. It actually doesn't really bug me if it's like, the arms or shoulders or my hands or upper back. So they don't actually -know- what I look like. But yeah. I'm always talking about how I think girls need to chill about their bodies because they're all so great looking but I guess that makes me a huge hypocrite doesn't it? Because I am anything but chill about my body, like, not just the trans stuff.

Oh, and I came out to my PE instructor and she's completely failed to contact me since, which is unlike her. Especially since we -need- to talk because I'm like, failing that class AND SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE CALLING ME ABOUT THAT ANYWAY. It's been a whole week. I'm starting to think she hates me or something. I guess that's what I get for trusting people. *shrugs*

Um yeah. I have to go... I just wanted to vent a little.


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Damn, about the chub thing,

Damn, about the chub thing, that keeps happining to me. I drum on my stomach randomly for fun, and then somebody straight-up tells me I'm fat .__.
One of them told me to "Go home and eat a hamburger" when I said "Well I'm only chubby because I don't eat RICE EVERYDAY, S"
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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The fortune cookie thing is

The fortune cookie thing is rather ironic, yet very cool!



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Its our nature and theirs...

when we come out to people, some tend to go away. its just natural heterosexual behavior of some. hopefully thats not the case with ur PE teacher. maybe she just forgot...

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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....... who the hell thinks


who the hell thinks it's normal to randomly grab someone's stomach? i know we sometimes disagree over your personal space issues, but i am so with you on that one. i mean seriously, w.t.f.

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