On the meaning and interpretation of dreams...

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I must admit, I've just spent money I don't have on a late 19th century French labourer's smock. Oh but it's lovely, and I've had my eye on it for over a fortnight.

It's heavy, coarse sun-bleached linin. It has heavy coarse shell buttons too (except one which is clearly a modern replacement). Mostly hand sewn, with some evidence of machine working. Painstakingly rouched at the sleeves.

I can wear it as a summer dress, with a belt. If I wear it with a belt and heels it almost looks normal. Otherwise, I feel enveloped in it. I would love to wear it as it is, but I look like a sleepwalker/ a virgin martyr/ a spiritualist's assistant. It's not a look I can pull off...

The linin is as tough and hardwearing as a sack. It's been designed for ease of movement; for hard repetitive movement of fieldwork. You can swing your arms.

I love it completely.

Inside it I'm in the space filled by a [large for his day] man. A man who worked in the fields. I'm going to find out more about this type of garment. I'll try the art library tomorrow. I was going to the VandA with Turtle anyway, to look at the quilts (again). I can ask to meet her there and then spend the morning in the libary and the afternoon looking at things.

It occured to me that by buying this stranger's garment, I may have invited another ghost into my flat. (I don't believe in ghost's at all, of course, but it's well known that they live in old clothes...)

Last night I dreamt I was pregnant. I gave birth to a teabag. It was upsetting to say the least- I had expected a baby. The teabag did admittedly possess an odd sort of sentience. But we made a cup of tea with it- after all that is it's nature. I rather hoped this would make the real baby appear. But it didn't. Then I woke up.


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Definitely the greatest

Definitely the greatest dream I've ever heard of. Just sayin'. xD

The smock sounds lovely, albeit useless to me. Old stuff is sexy.. (I don't really mean that. It's a joke from a concert I went to... but old stuff is wonderful. :D)

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