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So there's this girl in my photography class, and I've managed to make eye contact with her on several occasions, and exchange smiles even, but that's -all- I've managed to do. She's the -only- person in my photography class that doesn't really talk to anyone and lo and behold. She's also the one I get a crush on. :P

It's dumb. I have a hard time talking to shy people, because I'm still pretty shy, it's just easy to pretend you're not when everybody else isn't. But shy people are the only people I ever like.

So I need to either stop being a wussy-mc-sissy-pants and say something (like "Hi", maybe). Or be pathetic like I have been and get her friend who is also my friend to introduce us.

Yeah, that's all I had to say really. See? This is the stuff I worry about when I have too much to worry about. I mean, it's not like I have family issues or school issues or body issues or anything.

Some girl at GSA tried to imply that I don't have a life because I still play pokemon. She was all "I have a boyfriend". I was pretty offended actually. Partially because I usually don't play pokemon by myself, and partially because most people my age, if they had to deal with everything I deal with on a daily basis, they'd probably explode. Usually just one of these problems are enough to make a person crazy but way more than one massive humongous problem and I'm doing pretty darn well. So I don't want to be criticized for enjoying myself. :I


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lol, I'm in a simmilar boat

lol, I'm in a simmilar boat all around! I like a guy at school(but he is probably straight) and I sit and draw a dark and gloomy world where I am happy because I am with the man of my dreams! BTW I MISSED YOU DURING MY EXILE ASH!!!!

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I toldjouuuuu, ask her if

I toldjouuuuu, ask her if she likes chips or chunks. :D

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

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I feel like that'd be so

I feel like that'd be so awkward though. I mean, I'm already awkward enough without making myself more awkward. Maybe it's not awkward when you do it, but trust me, around people I like I am the epitome of awkward. So I don't need to make it worse. |D;

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chips or chunks? really? ...

chips or chunks? really? ... rofl :)
I would totally be interested in someone who asked me that.

you could just say.. "hey" like you said.
that's pretty simple, friendly, and not awkward
good choice!

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I fail to see why her shyness matters if you're shy. So, anyone you'd want to approach would be a challenge. I mean, sure, once you do talk to her, she'll have to try harder to keep the convo going, but you ain't even at that point yet.

If you feel biologically male, shouldn't you have at least metaphoric balls? Sorry, when I get a bad pun in my head, it's a losing battle... ;-)

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Sit next to her next time

Sit next to her next time you have class?? smile, look at her, say hi :D

if she's smiled back she probably wants to be friends with you at the very least