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Pretty Boys just look so good
and they would love us if they could

But Pretty Boys, they take your heart
and then they break it all apart

Well, Pretty Girls, they blow my mind
And Pretty Girls aren't hard to find;

But Pretty Girls would not want me
For the Pretty Boys are all they see


Poetry, my sin
The selfish indulgence;
For where else may I...
Oh, pause to write
Explaining my desires?

Hopeless wishing
Fashioned from silver
Inlaid in gold
and crafted with
Diamond-studded locks;

Where can I find the key
To these rusted barriers?


Friendships are like pennies;
Easily lost, and found unexpectedly
But what seems so small
Can really be so exciting to find.


I love poetry class. Here's more examples. Also, has anybody seen the movie "Chicago"?

I love it.

Here's my favorite song...
Catherine Zeta Jones is so AHHH <3


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oohhhmyygoodness, I looove

oohhhmyygoodness, I looove her in ever way/shape/form.
That movie is amazing.

I like "Hopeless"

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She IS super awesome <3

Thanks!!! :D
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.