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They hate life. I swear they do. the only reason I haven't ax-murdered/defenestrated/drop-kicked/exploded my printer is because it's my scanner too.


and then it was like "OH. You know how I'm supposed to automatically move the ink head so you can replace ink? Well I don't feel like doing that anymore. Ever."

So -I- moved the ink head (which it didn't like, it kept moving it back.) and replaced the ink. Just the black ink. Then it was all "LOL YOU DON'T HAVE COLOR INK" even though I was printing in Black and White, so I took the ink out. And THEN it was all "LOL THERE'S AN UNRECOGNIZED INK CARTRIDGE." because I had to force the ink cartridge in there because it was being a dick. So I switched it off and back on several times, took the ink tank out and put it back in several times, in varying order. Smacked the printer. And put the empty ink tanks back in. Now it's finally showing some signs of life. But it still complains about the lack of color ink every time I try to print. I can get around it and it'll actually -let- me print but I have to press buttons first. I'm not spending a ton of money on color ink though, because I don't need it.

So yeah. If it weren't my scanner too, I'd just trash the thing and get one that doesn't try to outsmart me.

But anyway. I've got really dumb PE work to do. I have to make a children's book! For PE! I wouldn't mind but... It's PE... I better graduate. :/


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My printer comes to a

My printer comes to a screeching halt whenever it runs out of any color of ink.

Even if it's out of, say, light cyan, and I'm printing a text document that only uses black.

At the moment it is, in fact, out of black, so I have to go to the store and get another cartridge because I don't have one and I need it to finish printing a script for me.

Mine doesn't scan. I wish it did. I'm probably going to give in and buy a new one sometime soon.

Sometimes I miss the days when I knew I had to replace the cartridge because the printouts were getting faded... not because the little microchip printer brain decided it was time to complain.

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Y'see, the printer companies

Y'see, the printer companies (Canon, HP, Xerox, etc.) and the companies that makes applications with printing capability (Microsoft Office, Apple iWork,, etc.) set it to default that when printing a seemingly grayscale or B&W document, it prints it with colors, along with key. That way, instead of just using key, you use CYM as well, so you run out of ink faster. I mean, sure, printing with full CYMK produces more vibrant colors, but if it's just text, it doesn't matter.

But, with my printer, there's a window view of the ink level, so I know the damn machine isn't cheating me out of any ink...!

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... Well that explains why

... Well that explains why always I run out of color ink so fast.

Because, you know, they totally don't make enough money off of the atrocious ink prices as it is. XP