Quick break of random thoughts

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I'm doing homework right now. Stuff I should have done a while ago, but procrastinated on. I'm taking a short intermission...

Sigh... I'm tired. I always am, and I don't even know if it's worse this week, but I've had 2 meets, and swam, probably, in total, over 20 miles this week. Monday was the hardest. We had a "super set" on the board, and 2 hours to do it in. It was over 7000 yards. To put this in perspective, that's close to 5 miles of swimming right there. If you think 5 miles of walking is hard, try 5 miles of swimming. At best, your sprint is 3 miles an hour, a walking speed. For 2 hours.

Yesterday I dissapointed myself. There were many things I had to get done, but I procrastinated, and only did Bio LT's and studying for the test, which, today, was long, yet fairly easy. Bio should be my best grade, because it's my best subject, I can get close to 100% on basically all tests...
But, it's my worst grade. Probably because it's just a lot of work, which I don't have time or energy for.

Anyway, complaining about work load is over. I've been watching the show Wife Swap, where two families, COMPLETELY different, switch wives for 2 weeks. For the first week, the wife has to live according to a guide written by the usual wife, and do everything that wife usually does.
Then, in the 2nd week, they can impose rules on the household that the family must obey.
It's a horrible show.
But it is entertaining.
And, one thing it provides is perspective.
This week, there was a family of home schooled, non-structered people. They didn't do much of anything. I doubt the education was very good there...
And they swap lives with a mom that believes that grades are everything. 5 days a week, school days, she takes them on a 2 hour round trip drive to dancing, where they spend 3-4 hours. They get back at 10:30, then have to do homework.

My life isn't EASY, but I somehow doubt it is hard either. I believe we're all biased. I look at my brother's life, and I think it's heaven compared to mine. He goes to school, and then after school, does nothing. His only extracurricular activity is his job, which he goes to Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, usually from 5:30 to 8:30.
All other times of the day, he drives around with his girlfriend, or his other friends, goes all sorts of places. The beach, parks, food joints. He has credit cards and money.
But, today, he told me my life isn't that hard. He said it might not even necessarily be that much harder than his...

We're all biased. We all want to believe that WE'RE the overworked ones. WE'RE the ones in overdrive. Who knows, maybe I am, maybe you am. But, unless you are someone else, you cannot judge their difficulty of life. I don't know everything he does. I don't know how hard he works. He's tired, but is that because he goes to bed at 1:00, and gets up at 6:20? Or is he really wearing himself down?
I really can't know.
I severely doubt my life is easy, but I have no way of knowing how hard it is, either.
My coffee is still all decaf. Coach tells me caffeine is bad, so I stay away. If I was really dead, would I be able to? Are my headaches from sleep deprivation? I don't know...

Either way, intermission over.
Back to work, Chad! Or do I need to see you in my office again? I thought not. Stop working on whatever gay site of yours that is. Get back to it on your time, because while you're here, you're wasting company time!


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i consider my life easy in fact. i go t o school, then spend the rest of the day playing games, reading, writing, relaxing and playing wit hferrets. sure i have problems but they dont make me life hard, just interesting. now you cahd, compared to me have a maniac life! i would explode and obliderate the pool if i were you.

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules