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Sorry that I haven't been commenting on people's stuff recently. My life is like "OH BY THE WAY. YOU HAVE A MILLION THINGS TO DO AND VERY LITTLE TIME TO DO IT IN." But like, as soon as I graduate I'm going to have basically nothing to do until halfway through July when things get interesting again. |D

So, I still haven't asked that girl out. Haha, Monday and Tuesday were crazy because we had short classes. I wasn't there Wednesday. (Catching up on homework) I chickened out on Thursday, and then she got sick and wasn't there Friday. D:

BUT I WILL DO IT NEXT WEEK. I told her friend (who is my friend as well) that I was going to, so now I have to because she's all excited. :P She was all "You like her? Yay! She's awesome! :)))) " XD

And Blackbelt's surgery is coming up, and so's his birthday, so I need to get him a gift (probably food. I like making him food because he's vegan. Haha.) and make him a card and possibly give him a hug, but not a squeezy hug because I hate squeezy hugs. I'm happy for him. I hope his apartment while he's there (there across the planet that is) has internet so I can pester him about stupid things like how boring my graduation rehearsal was.

WOOO. I have to go take a PE final now. XP XP XP

Wish me luck.