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So I am GOING to ask her out because if I don't as soon as I'm out of school I'm going to regret not having done so. I have three weeks left however.

I think it's only more nerve-wracking because I'm afraid she'll turn me down just because she doesn't want to get started with someone who is leaving. But she does know I'm sticking around for at least a year, someone was asking me about college the other day so she got to hear that. Which is good. Because if we actually did go out a year would be long enough to decide upon things of or pertaining to relationships over a distance.

So yeah. If I don't say something to her by the end of Thursday, I will say something to my friends in school on Friday which I have been holding back on because they will pester me and threaten to tell her themselves. :P I don't want to though because I don't want to hear how cute it is from them so that's incentive to get moving enough. Haha.

I made a paper chain so I can rip a ring off with every day I get closer to surgery. I dunno if it'll make the process seem longer or shorter... But I like brightly colored paper so it doesn't matter. And there are pink rings for important days, because the rest is yellow and blue and green so things like my prom or the first day of my 2 week classes at NHIA are in pink and they stand out and are exciting. :)

Okay, now I reallyreally have to write a story for my mythology class. So buh-bye.


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Seems like you've spent enough time in her shoes as to why she may not be interested, and how once you're together a year things may change, etc., none of which has much of anything to do with you asking her out now, which means it's all really just seemingly insightful, albeit completely irrelevant, procrastination. So, just do that part, the asking her out bit. I assure you things work out better when you let other people play themselves in this ongoing drama we call life.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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You are completely right,

You are completely right, but I've been consistently more comfortable working out what might happen instead of actually doing something. Inside my head is a safe place... I don't know if I'm more afraid of being rejected or actually getting a date. |D