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My woeful sapphic life
so hidden and tragic, yet so free
she is my ungotten fruit
and muse

I do not know why, but I have had this insatiatable craving of creating poetry all day. It might possibly be because of my own discovery of a few poems I had done a couple months back, very random poems, that perfectly and appropriately fit my favorite poetic prose style known as Sapphic Stanza.

In case you didn't know the poem I started with was in sapphic stanza. Three long (or semi-long) lines composed together with a short fourth line. However that isn't the only thing to be credited to sapphic stanza. Enjambement is also required, this is the carrying of one thought from one line to the next. Overall Sappho's poetry itself though isn't focused in this stanza view or the use of Enjambement, it is all about the lyrical flow of her poetry. (Ironically enough all of her poetry is simply by word of mouth as she didn't write it down back then) Which people of course try to replicate in today's english but it just doesn't fit. Regardless of the copy cats, Sappho will always be sappho. The mortal muse who shall forever remain immortal and copied with so little of her works of art known or actually written in her hand.

My beginning poem held an adianoeta (double entendre) within its bounds though, speaking less so about Sappho the person and more about the adjective that came about because of her life. Sapphic, as in the love of one womyn for another wimmin. Not a synonym to lesbian as most people think, they do mean the same thing, but you would not say, 'I am a sapphic.' Where you would say 'I am a lesbian'. Appropriately Sapphic would be the term you would use in place of where men would use the word 'gay'. Such as 'I am sapphic.' 'I am gay'.

The missing 'A' makes all the difference, as sapphic and gay are adjectives where as Lesbian is a noun. So fellow lesbians, next time someone asks if you are gay, say 'no, but I am sapphic.'

My poem above talks about the fact that I myself identify with the terms of Lesbian and sapphic, however the current physical gender in which I am labeled would place me far from either of those terms, especially when factoring in my gender expressions. Therefore, my sapphic life remains ungotten but certainly not forgotten, much like one of her poems speaks of. Made me feel more of a connection to Sappho's poetry since it connected with me.

I close today with some more of my own silly poetry that I found today, two of which are in sapphic stanza since apparently that is how I do my poetry, the other is just kind of all over the place.

A house of fate
And we stay
Yet dreams of day
fly away

A passion for hope
but it does not remain
if only we chose
to runaway
Binding chains of love
Shall not bind
And are not chains
But love

Love they are
Made of threads
They shall weave
Our hearts

Our minds
Our lives
Together as one
weaving threads of love
What you possess may not be what is seen
I may be whom you choose
But that choice does not set
with me