So, this guy is kinda my hero.

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French Class Girl has this cousin who is officially wonderful. On facebook, he told her to stop her "sexy time" with some girl. The girl in question had a straight-up stripper name too.

Best. Post. Ever.

The mental image, however, is very, very NOT GOOD! D: And how would he know...? Ahahaha! Wow!

I am so going to talk to her this summer. I can't not! It would be even better if I somehow ran into her somewhere while I was with my mom, and she was with her hoes friends. I would hug-attack her just to see her reaction. Hahaha!

Today was actually pretty fun. I didn't even have like, half my classes, so I just did whatever. Cute Biology Girl also didn't have most of her classes, so she talked to my rival and me for a while. Haha, her accent is super freaking adorable. I made her repeat soooo many words. XD I just want to hug her! It's really too bad she's pretty much the straightest girl ever. Half of what she talked about was stuff about guys, directed at my rival because I obviously wasn't having any part of discussing that.

We told her about my arch nemesis because they have similar-sounding voices, only Cute Biology Girl's is better. We also told her the story of what my arch nemesis did to my rival. Her face was PRICELESS! Haha!

I also helped Irritating Girl with her art project. I don't even know why. I guess I just didn't have anything better to do. I should've just said, "No, fuck you!" and walked off, but I'm a nice girl, so I didn't.

At 11:30 Monday morning, the worst year of my life will officially be over. I can't wait. But I'm going to fucking bomb my geometry final. Oh, my god. That shit's going to get UGLY. I didn't know anything at all today during the review. It's going to be the worst test ever. At least I'll finally be done with this junk class. It's pretty crappy, and even the teacher says most people aren't going to use much of it. :D


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That will be such a relief

That will be such a relief to be finished with geometry!
..hmm..just remember a line is 180 degrees :P ..I think.
What sort of accent does she have?

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I know! I hate geometry!

I know! I hate geometry! It's the hardest class I've EVER taken. I'm not even scared of Algebra 2 because it honestly cannot get much worse than this. I have the worst teacher ever. All my friends failed her class. I failed every test this quarter. The only reason I'm passing is because of the homework grades. I just can't grasp the concepts... And the fact that a line is 180 degrees is pretty much one of the only things I know. x3

It's kinda hard to place, really. On some words, it's a really thick Southern accent, but on other words, it's a little different somehow.

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I remember hating geometry

I remember hating geometry soo I know what you mean..
Algebra 2 is easier! ..then college algebra is even easier, and statistics is the easiest class ever- from my experience.
Southern accents can be cute :)
Some of them are really unpleasant, but then there are those few that are just adorable.

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I'm glad to hear that

I'm glad to hear that Algebra 2 is easier! I definitely can't ever handle anything harder than Geometry. D:

Most people around here have irritating ones, but hers is pretty cute. Haha. I made her repeat the word "nineteen" about 5 times.

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My school teaches according

My school teaches according to the CORE-PLUS II method, an integrated math system. There's three main level classes, Math I, Math II and Math III, as well as an advanced class known as "Advanced Math" (our math department is outrageously creative). In each of the classes, the six distinct areas of fundamental math (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability and Discrete) are taught in units and are grouped together by how they relate to each other. So in Math I, we started out with basic algebra (linear equations, Next=Now notation), moved to some statistics and probability (I can't remember what we did...), and then to discrete mathematics (matrices, vertex math, Euler circuits and maths, etc.). Then in Math II, we started with more algebra (exponential equations, review of linear, systems of equations), started 2-D geometry, went more in depth with discrete mathematics (applications of matrices with systems of equations, hamiltonian graphs, vertex path algorithms, etc.) and ended with more probability and statistics (still, I don't remember what we did). In Math III, we had some more probability and statistics (Still not remembering what we did...), more algebra (quadratics and cubics), and were introduced to 3-D geometry and started trigonometry (right triangle math only). In Advanced Math, we had more algebra, more statistics and probability (Z-Scores, intervals, voting methods), trigonometry (all triangles - Law of Sines, Law of Cosines)), and had the final section of geometry, dealing entirely with proofs.

Which, because of Integrated Math, my poor performance in Probability and in Geometry was counterbalanced with my solid understanding of trigonometry and algebra. Throughout those four courses, I always had at least an A-, and in Math II and Math III, I had a 100 on my final exams.

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That's really confusing, but

That's really confusing, but it would be a lot better than taking a full year of a subject you suck in and getting a C...

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Oh, we also have "block"

Oh, we also have "block" scheduling. Essentially, the year long classes in most other classes are condensed to a semester class that meets every day for a block. There's four blocks in a school day, and classes switch every quarter (for things like PE, intro to culinary, arts, etc.), while the other ones switch every semester.

So my schedule this year was
Semester I:
AP English Language
AP US History
French IV

Semester II:
AP English Language (double credit class, so it lasts a year)
AP US History (ditto)
Pre Calc
Computer Programming

So, you could go up to French VIII in theory and you can also finish your maths in a year and a half.