sooo yeah

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kind of a follow up rant to my last journal...but....

my depression/ bi-polar as of late has been getting much, much worse.

to the point that it is affecting my work life, school and everything in general.

i mean, i am so depressed, ive been going days w/o sleep, missing class due to sleeping thru alarms due to lack of sleep.

no desire to do anything or see anyone.

memories totally keeping me from what i want to do...flashabcks id rather not have. that kinda shit.

i don't want to rant about it all, since im more careful of what i post here since something jordin told me, but i am definitely worse off lately.

depression sucks. so do suicidal tendencies and owning guns. nuff said.

bt my depression has seriously got back to where it was five years ago.,hate my life, and everything in it. drink myself to sleep most nights, adn my school/ work life is suffering. alot.

like im about to fail outta collegge because of it. shit.