Storytime! :D

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either I just got asked out or I asked somebody out. It's really hard to tell. xD

In case you couldn't guess, I'm talking about skunk.

We were talking about how we should force each other to watch our tv shows. From there, it proceeded something like this:

Me: So how are you gonna force me to watch?
Skunk: Hm... I'll seduce you!
Me: I don't think I'd be paying much attention to the show...
(Insert random stuff that in the end brings us back to the same exact place)
Skunk: Good. :D
Me: So you're saying that while sitting on a couch in front of a tv show that you supposedly forced me to watch you'd rather me paying attention to you after you seduced me than said tv show? Are you suggesting something?
Skunk: Maaaaybeeeee
Me: Maaaaybeeeee?
Skunk: Yup
Me: What's that mean?
Skunk: Figure it out
Me: I don't wanna assume...
Skunk: You wouldn't be
Me: So.. maybe you should come over sometime soon?
Skunk: I would love to. =)

He's kinda adorable. :D

It's weird with him though.. I mean.. I hardly know him, and I don't have the same the emotions I had with senior, but we've been textign constantly (which is really, really saying something for me) for the past few days, aside from yesterday... which was really disappointing to me. And then today I kept tryign to find something that I could say to him in order to text him. And I just wanted to tell him random stuff.. liek these dreams I'm having. And why the hell would he want to know dreams I'm having? (well, apparently he would, but I didn't know that until just now. :P)

And all of this after I've really only known him a week or two...

Innn any case, yeah, those dreams? That random other senior who keeps occasionally popping up in my journals (really occasionally... like once as the guy that made the oO face when I appeared at my sister's table half a year ago, once as the guy that decided that I was obnoxious because I got loud, when somebody had just said they didn't like harry potter, and.. random crap like that) has been in my dreams in some minor role pretty much every night for the past week. It's starting to get really disconcerting.. Seeing as my longest interaction with him was "Hi *insert my sister's name here*'s brother"
"Hi... *is probably bright red right now cuz he's horrid at the whole people thing*"

So yeah. It's kinda weirding me out. Although I'm half convinced one of them had entirely to do with fashion... cuz I love the way he dresses and I was doing a model walk when I walked into him. >>

Innn other news, skunk reallllllly needs to get faster at the whole responding thing. >>