Strange days I guess.

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So just came back from tae kwon do, so my legs are killing me... On top of that I've misplaced my i-pod! Other than that though my day has been pretty good. As good as it gets these days anyway. So besides that, In World lit. obviously were doing group work.. and naturally I'm in a group with two friends and her. Like any other day, just talking with her makes me want to just blurt it all out. However, this seems like one of the stupidest things I could do, shes already in a relationship so it would be awkward... ugh I don't know. Honestly this is a small rant but if I dont have a place to vent I'll go crazy.


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I've never tried Tae Kwon Do

But it certainly seems fun. Also, OH NO! You better find your Ipod soon D: I'd die without my music!

Vent all you want! We like to hear it XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Yes I'm already suffering

Yes I'm already suffering i-Pod withdrawal symptoms ;A; Pshh love your tagline..